Ex-Teacher Proudly Flaunts Pregnancy With Student’s Baby

Ex-teacher Amy Kupps was fired for her controversial OnlyFans account and is raising controversy again, pregnant with a student's baby.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Amy Kupps

Social media has changed the world. With just a few clicks or swipes, anyone can look up someone else, and often find their entire life story. Nearly no one is sheltered from this, and the internet can be especially incriminating for educators. Teachers are being exposed left and right for contentious findings such as OnlyFans accounts. However, one former teacher, Amy Kupps is turning heads across the internet and building up her “fan base” all while proudly flaunting her new baby bump with a former student. 

Amy Kupps taught history to middle schoolers in a North Carolina school. But when her OnlyFans account was revealed to the community, she stepped away from the job. Now making what she says to be a fortune and turning her side hustle into her main source of income, the ex-teacher has built up a social media presence and following for herself. Now, garnishing her even more attention, she recently opened up about her pregnancy, which just so happens to be with a former student she once taught. 

Speaking with Meaww, Amy Kupps opened up about the pregnancy, in which she claims she had no idea that the man she was with was her former student. The 33-year-old stated that it happened during a one-night stand. The next morning, she discovered the shocking truth after the former student, who she says is now 22, called her Mrs. Kupps.

The boy went on to prove that she was his teacher by pulling out a yearbook. Once Amy Kupps realized it was a student, she says she instantly felt ashamed and shocked. Furthermore, she asserts that she would never have gone home with him if she had known he use to be her student. 

Amy Kupps has spoken about this jarring ordeal with many media outlets and has affirmed that she will keep the baby, as she is strictly against having an abortion. She has said that she is keeping the former student’s name anonymous, as his family is unaware of the situation. Additionally, she said that she will raise the child alone, as the young man doesn’t have a desire at the time to raise a child. 

The story of Amy Kupps and her dismissal as a teacher, and now ludicrous pregnancy, comes at a time when many parents are speaking out about controversial findings in which teachers are openly promoting sexual matters to students. At the same time, more and more female educators are being found to have instigated sexual relationships with their students. Just last week, a teacher made the news after she was fired from her job after a journalist exposed her OnlyFans account. 

Albeit a strange story, Amy Kupps appears to have done nothing illegal. The former teacher herself often points out the irony for those who have ridiculed her in her community. She claims that some of her OnlyFan clients happen to be fathers of past students who berated her as an educator after they discovered her side job. Either way, as more and more people like this 33-year-old turn to apps like OnlyFans, the debate over their place in society will continue.