Biden Moves To Expand Title IX To Further Protect Transgender Students

The Biden Administration is seeking to change Title IX to further protect transgender students in an equity movement.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Title IX

Title Ix is a longstanding federal policy which was put in place in 1972 in order to prevent sex-based discrimination in schools and the workplace. It has aided women to fight against sexual harassment and sexual assault for decades. In light of the recent push to acknowledge individuals’ gender identity instead of biological sex, The Biden Administration is seeking to change title IX to further protect transgender students and remove extensive due process protocols from sexual assault cases. 

The Biden Administration is proposing to further their “equity” movement with Title IX changes by ensuring that schools cannot discriminate against transgender students. How this would be achieved is vaguely written, but a United States Department of Education Fact Sheet was released to lay out the new requirements. These drive equity into the equation, work to allow schools to make decisions regarding complaints without a traditional hearing, and remove cross-examinations from investigations, all with an emphasis on promoting LGBTQ+ rights and movements like “me too” and “believe all women.”

How the courts will interpret the proposed Title IX changes is unknown, but many are questioning how this will translate onto campuses and in the workplace. If a biological male wishes to use the female restroom, but biological girls and women do not feel safe allowing this, employers and schools will now face discrimination charges if these changes go through, despite the fact that a male was convicted of sexually assaulting female students in the ladies restroom in Loudoun County last year. Parents in Fairfax county had to fight to try and remove books containing pornographic images from schools, and the schools reinstated the inappropriate content on the basis of the need to offer LGBTQ+ inclusion. In order to remove this vulgar material, lawmakers in Virginia Beach had to pass legislation that deemed these books inappropriate for minors to ban them in schools. 

Additionally, students are already struggling to accommodate the ever-growing number of confusing pronouns that have entered the LGBTQ+ vernacular as more keep being added. Not only this but a group of students are fighting a legal battle for not calling a student by her preferred pronoun of “they.” So far when challenged in court, individuals who refused to call someone by their preferred pronouns have won their cases, but changing Title IX could disrupt free speech rights, and the rights of biological women, who have been historically disadvantaged.

What’s most concerning for many are the implications that these changes will have on due process and sexual assault cases. While women need laws like Title IX to help them bring attackers to justice, the philosophy of “innocent until proven guilty,” has been challenged by the court of public opinion being that “me too” and “believe all women” movements have encouraged schools and employers to punish men who have been accused of sexual assault before a crime is proven through a proper trial. In the Bill of Rights, the Sixth Amendment grants every American the right to a fair trial. The Biden Administration’s proposed changes directly disrupt this inherent right and is likely to allow innocent males to be punished for crimes they did not commit. 

In recent years a large number of men have been “canceled” and punished without a fair trial over sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations. This has been reported across the nation to the point that even the famous actor Johnny Depp had to sue his ex-wife for making false abuse claims which destroyed his career and his life for years. He won his case, but if Title IX is changed due process will no longer be a prominent rule and LGBTQ+ extremists can use discrimination allegations to attack political opponents as they have already begun to do.  

Title IX

Whether Title IX will be updated or not depends on how lawmakers approach these proposed changes. While The Biden Administration continues to lose public support, it refuses to listen to the majority of people and is furthering identity politics. If passed the updates may be challenged by the Supreme Court, but that in and of itself, takes time. For now, Americans must express their support or opposition and anticipate the outcome.