Bomb Threats At School Where Students Were Charged For Not Using Preferred Pronouns

A bomb threat at the same school caught up in controversy over a preferred pronoun debate causes tension and fear.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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bomb threat

Last week, the Kiel Middle school in Wisconsin filed a lawsuit against 3 middle school boys for refusing to address a female classmate as “they.” The girl in question was allegedly bullying them over her preferred pronouns, but the school sided with her in an effort to support identity politics. The news was not well-received by community members, and even made national headlines. The school received 2 bomb threats earlier this week and had to cancel classes for today.

The Wisconsin school was evacuated Monday after receiving the first bomb threat. Then, Tuesday, police received a threat by email which referenced the lawsuit in question. This document was also given to the media and a member of the school staff. The school had already canceled classes for Tuesday and was empty when the second bomb threat was delivered.

A Kiel School Board meeting had been scheduled for Monday night, but was postponed to tonight, where it will now be held virtually to ensure the safety of its members. The building was searched but no explosives or evidence of such materials from the bomb threats were discovered. Despite this, the Kiel police department has now involved the State Department of Justice and the FBI. 

These bomb threats comes at a time when the house just passed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022. It would allow federal law enforcement to further investigate and prosecute potential domestic terrorists, but may not pass the house due to backlash against the FBI’s use of the term “domestic terrorists.” Just last fall, the National School Board Association directed the FBI to investigate concerned parents over political disagreements, and even went so far as to label them “domestic terrorists.”  

Whether the bomb threats in question came from the same person or two different individuals is unclear, but they have brought on a federal investigation concerning domestic terrorism. Classes have been disrupted and students are left to question the situation. While it is unknown whether the threats came from a student, parent, or indirectly involved spectator, at least one of the threats was made in direct connection with the school’s lawsuit to criminally charge 13 year old boys for sexual harassment because they refused to use another student’s preferred pronoun. For the past couple of years, education has shifted away from core class teachings in favor of modern identity politics. Public schools across the nation have begun introducing topics of sexuality to young students, implemented Critical Race Theory or culturally responsive training, and even gone so far as to keep vital medical information regarding students from their parents. 

During this time, parents have attended school board meetings and expressed their concerns over the material being introduced. They have been challenged by board members, talked down to, argued with, and even removed by security and charged with “trespassing,” for expressing dissent at meetings meant for parents and educators to discuss pressing issues and find understanding. This case of multiple bomb threats against a school — which is now using the courts system to try and force their politics onto students without proper school board discussions — exposes the dire nature of parent/school relationships.

bomb threat

When institutes of learning, and the establishments running them do not respect parental rights, unrest develops. When these same institutes ignore community members, and even weaponize the legal system against political dissenters, many feel powerless. This lack of peaceful resolution has the potential to escalate, and the Kiel Middle School students are now missing learning opportunities because the school has received bomb threats over political battles. This form of political prosecution had already disrupted the educational process for at least 3 young middle school boys and others who are following the legal battle. Now everyone is involved, and more attention is being placed on the growing divide between school politics and parental rights.