Why Kids Are Getting Bloody Noses And Headaches In California Schools

Parents are complaining that their children are coming home from California schools with headaches and nose bleeds, here's why.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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California schools

California is experiencing yet another heat wave. Just before the start of Labor Day weekend, Californians were once again subjected to rolling blackouts due to the state’s inefficient power grid. Now students in California schools are suffering from headaches, and even nose bleeds due to a lack of proper air flow

Nearly 25% of California is made up of desert land. Extreme heat is a common aspect of life in many southern California areas, but the small town of San Juan Bautista is struggling to keep kids cool and healthy while attending San Juan Bautista Elementary. Some children are coming home red in the face, covered in sweat. Whether the California school is providing additional water breaks or fruit to help their bodies beat the heat is unknown, but concerned parents have been calling and emailing their concerns over the situation. 

The California school had worked to add fans to each classroom. Unfortunately, this has done little to no good to cool students off enough to focus on their lessons. Some parents have expressed a need to add air conditioning units. Although many residents grew up without modern cooling units, the heat wave is affecting students’ health. 

While some residents complain about being asked to conserve energy during excessive heat, some California schools do not even have any air conditioning. This displays a serious disparity between districts in the state. During the pandemic, public schools were given billions in taxpayer dollars to update HVAC units and meet the health needs of students across the nation and specifically improve air quality. Due to a lack of proper oversight, some schools chose to disperse those funds through other means

Instead of adding energy-efficient air conditioning to California schools, the state’s department of Education focused funding on building equity, and teaching students about gender theory and critical race theory ideologies. Now students are suffering because they cannot cool down in another desert heat wave. Whether parents will need to pull children from classes, or San Juan Bautista Elementary has plans to offer days off for excessive heat waves in the future is unknown.

California schools

The heat wave is lasting longer than previously expected. Today is forecasted to be the hottest day of this burning weather, yet San Juan Bautista is only expected to reach 97 degrees for the high. Many areas in the US are accustomed to reaching triple digits throughout the summer, and the rest of this week looks to offer a cooling pattern. This is good news for California schools.

How California schools keep children cool is of grave concern. As students have been suffering from nosebleeds and headaches, parents are complaining that placing fans in classrooms is not enough to meet their needs. The community is asking for air conditioning units to be added to one small town school, but with the Governor’s push to conserve energy, it is uncertain whether these changes will be made. For now, families are waiting out the heat and ready for a much-needed cool down.