See A Mom’s Hilarious Back To School Sign Made For Herself

See a moms hilarious back to school sign poking fun at the tiring duties parents face as the new school year starts.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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New school years are met with mixed emotions. Many parents are anxious and reluctant to send their children off, yet at the same time feel relieved to have six hours of peace and quiet throughout the home. Likewise, the school year means tiresome evenings for many parents, feeling overwhelmed by the rush around of after-school activities, homework, dinner, and sleep routines. Understanding all this, one mother has gone viral for her school sign marking Mom’s first day of school. 

In an Instagram post going viral all across the internet, Jeni Bukolt sarcastically documented her children’s first day of school with a school sign not to document her children’s return, but her return to school time duties instead. Like similar posters created by parents to document their children’s return to school all across the nation, this mock sign showed the mother’s age as “42 years tired.” It also urged school officials not to ask her to volunteer, vowed that she would reluctantly miss a theme day, but promised to buy teacher’s school supplies.

Bukolt is no Kardashian, and she doesn’t appear to be a viral sensation with amasses of followers on social media. However, her hilarious school sign has garnered her significant attention. Instagram users took to the post’s comment sections to praise the mother for keeping it real by lightheartedly making fun of the struggles and anguish many parents feel as the school year begins. 

Stress and burnout have always been reported by parents struggling to balance work life, home duties, and school needs. But in today’s demanding world, parents are reporting significant levels of stress, burdening them to extreme levels. In today’s society, mothers often feel the pressure to keep a steady job, but also play the role of the homemaker, taking care of children’s every need as well. This is just one reason why parents like Jeni, found it necessary to remind other moms that they aren’t alone in their struggles, by creating this amusing school sign.

Bukolt proves just how criticized moms today can be when she felt the need to create a follow-up post clearing up some negative comments made by some. Within a few days, the mom posed once again with the school sign. But this time, it came attached with a sticky note at the bottom that read, “ P.S. I love teachers and my boys. It’s a joke.” Setting the record straight, Bukolt told her followers that she had a job, loved her children, and didn’t hate teachers.

 In sharing the original back-to-school sign on Instagram, the tired mom was likely trying to relate with countless others across the country that feel more pressure than ever to stay involved in their children’s education. No parent is likely to not want to know what goes on in school. But at the same time, it can be a strenuous task to try to keep up with it all. What’s more,  she appeared to be showing teachers support, by conveying that she is more than willing to buy them desperately needed school supplies. But more than anything, Jeni Bukolt was probably just trying to bring some smiles to the faces of parents struggling to stay afloat.