Turning Point USA Founder Says College Is A Scam

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

Charlie Kirk

Turning Point USA has been educating and encouraging college students to fight the culture war with American values. They offer parents and students a School Board Watchlist and Professor Watchlist so families are informed about which educators and school staff members are said to be vilifying the United States and pushing for destructive policies. Now, the organization’s founder Charlie Kirk has released a book called “The College Scam.”

For years young adults have questioned the validity of paying thousands of dollars to be lectured on learning. Universities have added high price amenities like water parks and climbing walls to attract students instead of working to ensure that their educational opportunities are expanded. In addition, mandatory cornerstone and capstone classes have been added to degree programs and preach critical race theory ideology which oftentimes focuses on identity politics. These measures have done nothing to improve student success rates, but have added to masses of student loan debt and overqualified Starbucks workers. Charlie Kirk is well-aware of this. 

When he founded Turning Point USA it was uncertain how successful the charitable organization would be. Despite many claims from universities that they are working to educate and support the will of the students, masses of young adults have joined the conservative group seeking a more balanced view of the nation and the purpose of education. In Charlie Kirk’s new book, he further exposes college for what many believe it is: a scam. 

Charlie Kirk notes that only a small percentage of college students are now studying to be doctors and lawyers. Employers are hungry for workers who are knowledgeable and prepared to become masters of their tasks. Unfortunately, colleges are not training students for this. Currently, young adults sign loans to take on masses of debt and sit through courses filled with philosophy and rhetoric that are designed to shove them onto the next level so they can pay for a piece of paper that does not hold up in the real world without a proper work-ethic. 

In the text, Charlie Kirk’s goal is to encourage students and parents to consider anything but college. Trade school enrollment has increased as universities are experiencing enrollment drops and this trend isn’t likely to stop. With support from the Turning Point USA founder, many alternative education options are likely to find even more interest. 

As he lays out his case, Charlie Kirk blatantly states that “colleges do not educate anymore,” and that these universities are nothing more than a “fraud.” Although his work through Turning Point USA has attempted to reform campuses for ten years now, Kirk also describes how this no longer seems possible. He is now committed to helping people bring down these corrupt institutions by avoiding them and meeting success in starting their own businesses, seeking on-the-job training, and gaining additional academic experiences through less expensive community college programs. 

Charlie Kirk

The College Scam is currently a #1 bestseller on Amazon, and is expected to anger political opponents who religiously support colleges. While academia may not approve of Charlie Kirk’s content, and is likely to condemn it, the sales speak for themselves. Many people are tired of being extorted by the higher education system and walking away.