How A Heroic 7-Year-Old Saved The Life Of His Classmate

A heroic student acted quickly to save the life of his fellow classmate, from something he learned watching TV with his Dad.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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heroic student

Students often go to school and come home without saying much. When parents ask, “What did you do today?” The answer is often vague, simple, or even a shrug. But one heroic student is being celebrated for saving the life of his classmate. 

David Diaz Jr is a second-grade student at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. He also enjoys watching The Good Doctor television show with his dad, and one scene from the medical drama gave the heroic student the information needed to help a friend in need during what seemed like a normal school lunch period. He learned about the Heimlich Maneuver from the show and sprang to action when a friend sitting across from him began choking on a piece of pizza.

The teachers were circulating around the cafeteria, but not close enough to help right away, and so David Diaz Jr. jumped up, and performed the life-saving technique. One of the teachers who witnessed the act, second-grade teacher Kristin Korba, told Fox News how quickly the heroic student acted and that she rushed to them to check on the student. The school nurse examined the boy whose airway had been blocked and found that no permanent damage was done. Parents were contacted, and when asked about his actions, David Diaz Jr. admitted that he learned the Heimlich from the TV show he watched with his father. 

During a phone interview the heroic second-grade student said, “If anybody is choking or is in danger, you always have to save them.” He also spoke about how sad it would be if his friend didn’t get help, and so, for his actions, David Diaz Jr. was recently awarded a New York State Senate Commendation Award. Although the incident that led to his recognition happened just before the school year let out, and even led to a visit from the school’s Superintendent, and Senator Fred Akshar, this good deed will follow him well into the future. Some are even speculating about him becoming a doctor someday. 

Many medical professionals and public servants enter their professions due to a defining movement that points them in a specific direction. Whether it’s a charitable act to aid someone in need, or saving the life of a friend by using the Heimlich Maneuver, David Diaz Jr. has a world of opportunities before him. This heroic student didn’t hesitate when he saw that his friend couldn’t breathe. He acted right away. 

When asked about his son, David Diaz Sr. praised the boy’s actions and said, “He’s an angel in my eyes.” He did allude to wishing to support his son, should he choose to become a doctor when he grows up, but that the choice is up to the heroic student and time will tell. For now, Diaz Sr. hopes that his son will continue to learn from shows and utilize the information given, to understand and explore the world around him and grow up to do what he feels is best.

heroic student

While the 2021-2022 school year ended with a heroic act, students are now enjoying their summer break. What the fall has to offer is yet to be seen. For now, David Diaz Jr.’s classmates can look forward to the next school year knowing that he is a caring friend with the knowledge to help save lives.