Another Risqué High School Drag Show Draws Debate

Another school drag show has stirred debate on the internet, as the school hosting the event claims they were unaware.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Drag seems to be everywhere these days. Much of the glitzy attention came about following the hit tv show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, which is now celebrating its 14th season on the air. Now, Drag Queens are making their way into the lives of young school children as well, through Drag Queen story hours, and an ongoing occurrence of Drag Queen hosted school drag shows. In a recent finding, it was revealed that a school in Ankeny, Iowa was host to a risqué show featuring drag queens. See some of the footage below.

Libs of TikTok – the viral account – is known to expose controversy happening inside schools across America. The user obtained footage of the school drag show that happened inside Ankeny High School. In one video, a performer is seen on stage in a revealing one-piece black bodysuit. Much of his buttocks is also visible. As he dances in a burlesque stripper-like manner, he continuously draws focus to his crotch area, showing off with splits and upside-down maneuvers that mirror strip-tease style dances. 

Additionaly, Libs of TikTok says that the school drag show performers took time to sit down with students to speak about gender identity and expression. One photo shows someone, possibly a student, attempting to hand something to one of the performers on stage. Libs of TikTok claims it might be cash. Another photo depicts someone the user says is a student of the school, joining in with the drag performers on stage.

The Tweet quickly garnered a plethora of attention, with over 10k likes and more than 5,000 re-shares. Swiftly reacting, the school responded to the allegations that they approved of the school drag show, claiming they were unaware that it even took place. They also made note that they are investigating the matter.

According to reports from KCCI Des Moines, the high school’s Gay Straight Alliance hosted the event, and held it privately after school. In a statement sent out to families, school officials backed up their statement, saying they never approved of the school drag show. Additionally, the news outlet reported that the performance was put on by a group known as Komplete Moon. One of the performers, Skyler Barning, spoke with the news channel, conveying a message of gratitude for the parents that were accepting of the performance. He also left a message for those unapproving, telling them to “broaden your horizons.”

Whether or not events like this are a new norm or not might be moot, as more and more parents are becoming aware of contentious and often explicit material that is being exposed to children through public education. These school drag shows are merely the tip of the iceberg in growing concerns. More media outlets continue to expose sexual material being presented to kids as young as kindergarten, and more families continue to pull their children from public schools. 

It may have been a private event, and it may have been held for teenage students that are already being exposed to things like this school drag show experience. However, incidents like this are only stoking the flames in the growing culture war. And more and more stories like this one will likely continue to pop up.