See the School District Claimed To Be Worst Parental Rights Violator

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | 3 months ago

parental rights

Public schools are taxpayer-funded, and in essence, owned by the people, but one Wisconsin district doesn’t believe that parents have the right to know what their children are learning. This is not uncommon in today’s political climate. With school board members and parents clashing across the nation, it is no secret that parental rights are no longer a concern for the public education system. Even so, the Eau Claire School District is being called out as the worst district accused of violating parents’ rights in order to teach children their biased curriculum.

Despite the CDC’s own guidelines — which no longer recommend that individuals (including children) wear masks unless their area has a high concentration of COVID cases — this school district decided at the start of the 2021-2022 year that masks would be required for all students until the end of the spring semester. This policy is regardless of vaccination status. It doesn’t matter what parents think, or what the science says. Parental rights stop when children enter this facility of institutionalized learning.

In addition, they have clearly published an “Equality Statement,” beneath their strict mask policy on their website. They first off, address that their school is made up of “predominantly white,” people and decry their belief that, “White people are the beneficiaries of racial inequality.” This goes on to state that the district will do all it can to address “systematic oppression” and “racism,” by changing its values and learning structure. In essence, they are the Critical Race Theory champions who wish to treat students differently based on the color of their skin in order to stop people from treating students differently based on the color of their skin. Students have even been subjected to “white privilege tests.” Again parental rights have no sway over this. If parents do not believe this is healthy rhetoric, they are ignored. 

parental rights

Despite these alarmingly far-left stances, these policies are not the worst of the political indoctrination that completely overrides parental rights. The Eau Claire School District told parents that they have to “earn” the right to know their own children’s sexual identity and even went so far as to force students to fill out a heterosexual privilege form. This is in an effort to be as gender-nonconforming as possible. How this is teaching children core subjects like math, science, reading, and history is uncertain, but what’s for sure is that parental rights have been completely usurped by educators who have no legal claim over the children they are supposed to serve. 

As these schools continue to challenge parents, they are just one district of many which are facing drops in enrollment, and a staffing shortage crisis. Whether or not teachers, principals, or even the superintendent believes that teaching identity politics is good for the students, parents are obviously fed up with low test scores, intrusive educational practices, and policies that pander to mental illness over healthy critical thinking. The Eau Claire School District is facing the backlash, and now that they are being decried as the worst violator of parental rights, many wonder if movements to Defund Public Education are not only valid but necessary.