Judge Blocks Biden’s Attempt To Expand Title IX Transgender Protection

A federal Judge blocked the Biden administrations attempt to expand on TITLE IX to protect transgenders students.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Title IX

The Biden Administration was seeking to expand Title IX to further protect transgender students on the basis of their gender identity. While this long-standing policy already protects Americans based on their sex, LGBTQ+ activists claim that this is not enough to protect trans students from being deadnamed, misgendered, and referred to as their biological sex. In attempting to expand Title IX, among many other aspects of the policy would change, a federal judge has blocked the attempt in order to protect state’s rights

Many states have passed laws protecting biological women from being exposed to males who believe they are women entering female-only spaces. Locker rooms and bathrooms are areas where women and girls are thought to be especially vulnerable and have even been attacked by those claiming to be trans to gain access to the space. In addition, transgender athletes have begun to dominate female sports, removing equal opportunities for women who are born smaller, with less bone density, muscle mass, and ability to compete with biological males regardless of whether or not the men entering female competitions believe they are women or receive hormone treatments. Biden’s expansion of Title IX was a direct challenge to these state laws that were passed specifically to protect biological women.

Instead of working to ensure women’s rights and that of girls, Biden’s failed attempt displayed a lack of support for female athletes and girls and women who have survived rape. To combat this, 20 republican Attorney Generals banned together to fight the proposed expansion of Title IX. Led by Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery, they argued before a Tennessee judge that the changes would pose a “credible threat” to their laws and policies as well as cost them federal funding. 

In addition, First Amendment Rights also came into the argument, as it was noted that forcing students to use others’ preferred pronouns directly imposes on their ability to exercise freedom of speech. Despite this, The Department of Education, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, and the Justice Department attempted to have the case dismissed. Apparently, it’s more important for these large entities to not only encourage, but legally force people to deny scientific biology by manipulating Title IX instead of protecting Americans’ constitutional rights. 

Judge Charles Atchley presided over the case in the Eastern District of Tennessee. Instead of ruling for a dismissal, he temporarily blocked the Title IX changes on the grounds that it “directly interferes” with state laws and regulations which have been created to protect the rights of natural-born females. This move renders it impossible for the changes to be finalized, and so unenforceable. 

Title IX

While some trans activists are decrying the decision, many young girls and women across the nation are celebrating. The recent battle to protect the rights of biological females has been disheartening and emotional. By blocking the Title IX expansion, states will be allowed to enforce the policies they pass based on their local populations’ support and needs. Each state has its own laws and governing body which speaks for the people they serve, not every state has banned transgender sports, nor do they all focus on sex to determine bathroom entry.