See A Teachers’ Union Ad That Calls Parents Extremists

Watch a New Jersey teachers' union ad that vilifies some parents, labeling them as extremists attacking schools.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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teachers' union ad

Some teachers’ unions appear to believe they should have more influence over children than the parents and families raising them. Despite being funded by these taxpayers, the teachers affiliated with these organizations look to have fought to silence and even politically attack parents who express concern over curriculum materials. Now, a New Jersey teachers union is running an attack ad that doesn’t go after politicians, but parents themselves. See the commercial below.

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) claims that it is “committed to great public schools for every child,” but its definition of greatness apparently includes labeling concerned parents as “extremists” and painting families as political opponents who must be stopped. Their new teachers’ union ad starts out bright and happy. Then it drastically turns dark and displays images of upset parents attempting to speak out against things like the sexualization of children at school board meetings

The teacher’s union ad makes the universal statement that, “We all agree that our children deserve a world-class education,” but then backtracks by running a quote from claiming that, “Some New Jersey schools are under siege” while stating that “when extremists start attacking our schools that’s not who we are.” Not one parent has been arrested for carrying out a “terrorist attack” against schools. Nor can educators who are paid to serve the families in their community claim that community protests are an attack on the system being that the system is funded by the parents and created to serve those parents’ children. 

This NJEA ad was fueled by parents’ opposition to having 1st-grade students taught sexual education lessons that include gender theory. Parents have been protesting and voicing concerns over the sexualization of children, and instead of listening and working with the community, the teachers union ran an ad attacking the very people who fund them. This has proven to be detrimental for educational organizations in the past. 

In 2021 The National School Board Association (NSBA)lobbied the White House for help against parents, who they compared to “domestic terrorists.” It was later discovered that this powerful group also asked to have the military deployed during board meetings. Since then various states have dissociated themselves from the NSBA and funding is being pulled. As more education bureaucracies display their inability to work with parents, stunts like the New Jersey teachers union ad only work to further drive families away and build tension between those who remain. 

New Jersey is in the midst of passing its own sexual education bill, much like Florida’s infamous policy which has been termed “Don’t Say Gay” by those who oppose it. Child sexual abuse is a serious issue in this country. 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused by a teacher or school staff member and so parents’ fears over sexualizing young children through grooming and other means are valid to many. By calling parents “extremists” and portraying them as a threat to teachers for wishing to address this, the NJEA is proving to many that they do not care about parental rights or protecting children from sexual abuse.

This teachers’ union ads leads many to believe that the NJEA is more focused on winning political battles than working with parents and children to ensure that all students are safe and well-educated. This could be a reason why public school enrollment is down and education alternatives are gaining popularity. Many parents are tired of being ignored and vilified by educators who capitalize off of their tax money.