LA Pride Parade Draws Backlash For Inappropriate Content In Crowd Of Children

A LA pride parade has drawn viral attention for users showcasing videos of children being exposed to contentious sexual content.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Pride month is in full swing, and rainbow colors can be found all across the nation right now, drawing both support and backlash. For activists of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s a time to celebrate the many trials and tribulations the queer community has overcome in the last few decades. But to opposers, the situation seems to be getting out of hand. One video only looks to support those defectors’ outcries, as it highlights the controversial content being exposed to young children in an alleged “family-friendly” pride parade over the weekend. See the video for yourself below.

The Post Millenial shared the video, claiming that it was taken during a Los Angeles pride parade this past weekend. The video was captured by a contributor for the conservative advocacy group, Turning Point USA. In the footage, a drag queen stands atop a parade float, adorned in a rainbow bodysuit and usual drag performer makeup. However, her outfit isn’t necessarily what is turning heads. With mic in hand, the drag performer yells out to the crowd, “Happy Pride. We have bandanas and lube,” as the camera switches to the onlooking small children in the crowd. 

Hernandez shared another clip from the parade, in which he and other supporters similarly shared similar disgust over the organization for presenting sexual content in this matter to young children during the pride parade. In this clip, a mother is videotaped seemingly forcing her young son to turn his attention to performers. As the camera pans to the dancers, the performers are dancing to music, and they begin to twerk. 

Users took to Hernandez’s comments to share their fuming anger over the perpetually normalized sexual manner of such pride parades. Just last week, Dallas was host to quite some contention, after a bar promoted a child-friendly drag show. Taking place during the day to accommodate more youth, children were photographed placing money into drag performers’ lingerie. In the aftermath of the event, a Texas lawmaker even proposed banning youth from attending any form of drag event altogether. 

Fed up with what is happening in pride parades all across the nation, many users pointed out that this is not normal content to be promoting in front of young children. Some took it as far as blaming the left for making incidents like this “normal” happenings. Others pointed to “simpler times” when kids were simply kids, found playing at the park, or attending baseball games – which, coincidentally, now are also catering to pride month with pre-game drag shows. 

Still, some users show support for the actions in these video’s showcasing the pride parades. Some users put blame on the parents, saying that children should never have been brought to the event. However, it should be noted that the pride parade was in fact, open to all ages, as the organization even stated so on their official site. However, given the nature of the events, and promotion material accompanying everything, many users feel that parents should have known better not to bring their children, as the group never touted the event as being kid friendly. Even LGBTQ+ supporters seemed to be in agreeance that this was inappropriate, as one user insinuated that acts like this only further damage the hard work that older generational activists fought so hard to bring attention to, attaining more gay rights.

There is still another half of June left for the battle between the LGBTQ+ community and those against the sexual perversities filling up social media from pride parades. Semantics and political debates aside, exposing young children to sexual content such as this is more than likely viewed as unusual and wrong to the majority of concerned parents, no matter how it is presented. With a few more weekends left, videos like this will likely keep popping up and being shared across social media.