White House Acknowledges National Education and Sharing Day

President Biden declared today National Education and Sharing Day in honor of the Jewish Rabbi that dedicated his life to equal education.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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education and sharing

Today marks the 44th official celebration of National Education and Sharing Day. To commemorate the occasion, the White House released an official proclamation from president Joe Biden declaring today, April 12, 2022, as a day to celebrate educators, advocates, and pioneers who teach students core ideals of learning initiatives to bring people closer together. The day is honored to celebrate all forms of teachers, but it is based on the life of an influential Jewish leader and the impact he had on education.

The celebration of National Education and Sharing Day falls this year on what would have been Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s 120 birthday. Known to some as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, or even just the Rebbe, the Jewish leader is remembered for his influence and ultimate transformation of U.S ultra-Orthodoxy. With a philosophy that opened up acceptance of everyone regardless of religious orientation, his practices and beliefs are still seen across the globe.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Today, the Rebbe’s many movements are practiced in over 5,000 educational and social centers, including schools. As an advocate for children of all walks of life, the Rebbe often spoke about a greater need for every child to be given equal access to education. But more than the need for academics, the Rebbe spoke about the need for character building through education. Eventually, his emissaries would establish Jewish schools and educational centers in the US and elsewhere, leading the way for what is now known as a day of remembrance through the National Education and Sharing Day.

National Education and Sharing day was first recognized by the White House in 1978. During that time, U.S. Congress urged President Jimmy Carter to designate the Rebbe’s birthday as the National Education and Sharing Day to not only pay tribute to his many efforts for better education for all but also as a way to promote and continue the legacy. Knowing how important that notion is today, Biden’s proclamation called on leaders throughout the nation to focus on every aspect of high-quality education. To this, Biden said education not only develops the mind but also that it “opens the heart” and “fortifies our character.”

At its core, National Education and Sharing day is meant to connect neighbors and communities through a passion for learning. Connecting that to equality, the Biden administration recognizes that everyone deserves a fair standard of education in order to attain greater opportunities, stability, and equality. Furthermore, Biden took the opportunity to share federal initiatives related to the celebratory day concentrated on education and sharing. 

education and sharing

Tying in reference to National Education and Sharing Day, the Biden administration boasted about the resources they have provided to schools across the nation through the American Rescue Plan. Under the initiative, districts were sent aid to help schools safely re-open during the pandemic. The funds are also being used to ramp up health and safety standards in schools, and overall funds needed to boost education. To this, Biden wrote that more than 99% of schools in the United States are now open again.

Furthermore, Biden took the opportunity to talk about his plan to make high-quality preschool available to every 3 and 4 year old in America on Education and Sharing Day. First touted under the Build Back Better proposal, the administration wants to see more states open up Universal pre-K programs. While most states do currently offer a form of Pre-K, only three states currently offer widespread Univeral pre-k programs.

Lastly, Biden took the chance to discuss the social toll the pandemic has cost students and young children. The issue was already a growing concern among teens and young adults, but it was heavily exasperated by the onslaught of the pandemic. Fundamentally, National Education and Sharing Day is a day to recognize efforts from leaders and educators in a mission to create equity through knowledge. Befitting to this day, Biden called on Americans to celebrate the day by planting “seeds of love, kindness, and empathy in the hearts and minds of every child in America.”