Pearson Math Textbooks Filled With Progressive Propaganda

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

Pearson textbooks

Textbooks are a vital public school education resource. They help teachers convey lessons and give students the material needed to understand new concepts and issues. Unfortunately, these teaching tools are subject to modern classroom trends and even popular school books like Pearson textbooks are now presenting progressive propaganda as fact.

As a commitment to globalist teachings, Pearson textbooks have redirected the focus of lessons from academic understanding to identity politics. Even the company’s math books are now pushing “anti-racism” and enforcing biased stereotypes which imply that elderly adults and conservatives are racist. Gender theory and critical race theory teachings are presented as fact even though both contradict scientific and sociological data which displays that family structure and upbringing are more impactful to personal development and social interactions. 

Pearson textbooks openly admit that they wish to promote social justice, and were deemed inappropriate by the new Florida education standards. The well-known company was questioned for its divisive content earlier this year as they are also facilitating many online school programs and did so throughout the pandemic. As more and more students are taught one-sided rhetoric as fact, division has increased and patriotism has lowered. 

Schools utilizing Pearson textbooks are well-aware of the content. The Biden Administration has committed to further instilling identity politics in districts across the nation and has even ordered the United States Department of Education to award grants to schools that fall in line and teach children theories instead of proven facts. Progressive teachers’ unions and the educators who support them continue to lobby for political policies that do not support families or their wishes and so clashes between the system and the families whose tax dollars pay for them have erupted. 

Despite many pleas, petitions, and even lawsuits being filed against these measures, schools continue to press progressive propaganda on American students, and Pearson textbooks play a big role in that agenda. This has led to a mass exodus from public schools and a teacher shortage the likes of which the country has never experienced. Teachers and parents who believe in presenting objective factual information instead of political lessons have been forced out of the system. 

As those individuals are still expected to pay taxes, which fund the very schools that are abusing power, movements to defund public schools and teachers’ unions have sprung up in various states and are gaining momentum. Whether legislative action will follow is uncertain, but the current state of the education system is struggling and is not likely to stabilize any time soon. The growing popularity of alternative education options has followed the addition of political propaganda in schools and Pearson textbooks. 

Pearson textbooks

Education is an exchange of information that cannot successfully prepare children for the future without presenting the full scope of facts and issues. By subscribing to only theoretical progressive politics, Pearson textbooks are pushing families away from the public school system and priming students for failure. If teachers and parents banned together to force school officials and federal policymakers to end this biased takeover of American schools, positive changes could rejuvenate the system, but so many families have been silenced and ignored by educators that the likelihood of that is low. For now, the future of education is fragmented due to the various alternatives being sought to escape progressive propaganda.