The Stop W.O.K.E. Act Just Passed In Florida

The controversial Stop Woke Act Legislation just passed Florida's Senate and now heads to the desk of Governor Ron DeSantis.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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In a move that is sure to further rock the nation, Florida just passed the controversial Stop Woke Act that takes aim at the state’s education. Almost two weeks ago, the proposed legislation called House Bill 7 passed through Florida’s House of Representatives. Today, it passed the Senate by a 24-15 vote.

Known also as the Individual Freedom bill, the main agenda under HB 7 seeks to prohibit public schools and private businesses from making students or employees feel uncomfortable or guilty over their race, sex, or national origin. Furthermore, backers of the bill, like conservative activist Christopher Rufo, approve of the bill as another means to deter critical race theory teaching in Florida schools. The Stop Woke Act bill now heads to the desk of Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Rufo, also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, shared his excitement on Twitter for the bill he helped the Florida Governor create. Saying DeSantis “mastered the art” of driving down false media narratives, the controversial bill is a big win for Republicans in the state. Like Desantis and Rufo, supporters of the Stop Woke bill want to place more rights into the hands of parents while giving them a bigger say in what their children learn in public schools. Likewise, the bill will keep school educators from imposing opinions on students. 

Liberals and other opponents to the Stop Woke Act gained national attention to the bill, calling it a historic one that could set a precedent for reformatting how and what educators teach all over the United States. Last week, protestors gathered in West Palm Beach to show opposition to the bill. The Florida Education Association teachers union also showed strong criticism of the act, along with the recently passed HB 1557 bill known by both the monikers “Parental Rights in Education” or the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, depending on which political party is referring to it. 

Critics of the Stop Woke Act call the bill censoring legislation that will limit what schools can say and teach regarding history and issues related to students associated with the LGBTQ+ community.  “We all want to make sure that every child can grow and thrive, regardless of race, background, ZIP code, or ability,” said Florida Education Association President Andrew Spar. “These bills mean some of our students will no longer feel safe and secure, or even seen, based on who they are.” But Republicans insist that the adversaries are stoking flames to a fire that was never even lit.

stop woke act

Republicans continue to vow that the Stop Woke Act does not prohibit students from discussing gender identity or sexuality. To rebut, Republicans point out what the wording in the legislation already laid out. The bill indeed only applies to children grade three and under.

As for critical race theory, something Governor Ron DeSantis has strictly opposed, the governor promises the Stop Woke Act will ban the controversial teachings in classrooms. However, Representative Ramon Alexander, a Democrat from Leon County claimed that Florida Republicans are pushing a ‘false narrative”. During the House debate weeks ago, Alexander pointed out that critical race theory was actually banned from teachings in Florida schools last summer. 

Next, the Stop Woke Act will head to the desk of Governor DeSantis, where he will, without doubt, sign the piece of legislation into law immediately. The news further divides the nation on politics, as can be seen all across social media. Liberals are crying out that teachers will now be required to “lie”, while Republicans are happy to be gaining more control over public school curriculums. As the state ramps up plans to implement the new legislation, the impact will surely be felt around the nation.