New Google Classroom Tool Gives Students More Interactive Tutoring

A new Google Classroom tools seeks to change the homework game with interactive AI technology.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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google classroom tool

Technology advancements in education have grown in leaps over the last decade. And as the pandemic forced schools to close while parents and educators struggled to find creative ways to teach from home, many turned to the computer. There are plenty of innovative learning tools available. From Khan Academy to Dragonbox, there is something to fit every student’s need. But none might be as resourceful as Google’s virtual education lineup, and a new Google classroom tool launching this year looks to give students the utmost level of interaction yet. 

Google recently announced plans to implement a new Google Classroom tool called Practice Sets. It is a bold initiative to ramp up efforts in the company’s technological advances via Google For Education, an initiative aimed at improving teaching and learning through AI-driven technology. Practice Sets will be an added feature to Google Classrooms. 

The new interactive Google Classroom tool was launched with an understanding that every student learns at their own pace and in different ways. With a common ground surrounding homework, Practice sets will change the homework game as it is known. It allows teachers to have more time and more tools to better support students’ individual needs.

Through the new Google Classroom tool, teachers can transform their own content into interactive assignments. Practice sets will feature an auto-grading tool as well to save on teacher grading times. The new app also will identify where a student struggles the most while providing quick performance insights that can help teachers structure future lesson plans. 

google clasroom tool

Additionally, students that use the Google classroom tool will receive feedback in real-time while they complete practice sets. Students no longer will have to wait for feedback from their teacher to know how they are performing.  Similarly, when a student struggles with a problem, the interactive technology’s algorithm will recognize this and provide hints through visual explainers and videos. Google even added in fun animations and celebratory confetti for when students answer problems correctly. 

Google is currently testing Practice Sets with current Google Classroom tool users. One fifth-grade teacher who is trialing the interactive app said her students were calling the tool “Google magic” because of its unimaginable abilities. She also called the tool a “game-changer.” Furthermore, the teacher said her students loved the focused support aspect. It was a win-win situation for teachers struggling to find time to address the differing level of needs in the classroom.

The disparity level at where individual students in a classroom stand academically has increased drastically with the pandemic. In some places, students missed up to an equivalent of an entire school year amid closures. Every kid’s home situation was different. Some were lucky enough to belong to a district that succeeded in remote learning efforts, and others had a strong support system at home leading their educations. On the other hand, many kids were left with nothing, as reports show some students fell alarmingly behind in academics. Elementary teachers going into the current school year often complained that their students reading comprehension levels differed so drastically, fourth grade teachers had some students reading at a kindergarten level. 

google classroom tool

The new Google classroom tool might be the perfect answer for educators looking to solve the answer of the disparity between students’ academic levels and time constraints. Google has not yet announced exactly when the practice sets tool will become available. However, schools can still sign up to participate in the beta program.