Mother Furious With Police For Not Charging Superintendent That Hit Her Son With His Car

A mother is furious that the school superintendent who struck her son with his vehicle is not being charged, despite the fact that her child was the one that ran a stop sign on his bicycle.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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A Missouri mother has received a horrifying wake-up call. After her son was struck by a car, police did not charge the man because the boy did not properly follow traffic rules. The boy’s mom is now furious as she has also learned that the man driving the vehicle was none other than the superintendent of their local Farmington school district. 

It is a nightmare scenario for most parents. In the now-deleted video, Ring Doorbell footage displayed two children biking in the road on September 20th. Then, the superintendent slammed on his brakes when he noticed the children riding through the intersection and accidentally hit one of the boys with his white Jeep.

The impact struck the child’s back tire and sent him rolling to the ground. This dramatic scene was followed by screams from his friend crying out to see if the boy is okay. The superintendent immediately got out of his vehicle and spoke to the child who was able to walk away from the scene and go get his mother. 

The mother and the superintendent discussed what happened. She stated that she wished to take her son to the hospital to have him examined. The boy suffered no serious injuries and the driver did everything he could to not only avoid the situation but to offer help as soon as the accident occurred. 

The police investigated the incident and concluded that no charges should be filed. The superintendent was on a road that did not have a stop sign, while the boys did and they chose to ride past it without looking to check for oncoming traffic. The driver stopped and did everything he could to make sure the child was okay and so the situation was easily resolved. 

Despite this, the boy’s mother has contacted local news outlets to express her outrage. She believes that it is “disgusting” that the superintendent is not facing criminal charges. Instead of appreciating that her son came out of the accident with no serious injuries, or being thankful that the boy is not being charged with a traffic violation for causing the crash, she is calling out the police and the driver involved. 

While traffic issues are a major concern for parents, teaching children to properly obey the rules of the road is a life skill. In order to safely ride bikes, skateboards, and walk along roads children need to be aware of traffic laws and they especially need to always look both ways before crossing the street. Many children may not be aware of the fact that bicycles are considered legal road vehicles and are expected to stop at stop signs, traffic lights, and yield to traffic at intersections, that is why the incident with the superintendent is a perfect reminder for parents to educate their children on proper road safety rules. 


Whether the mother in question intends to seek legal action remains to be seen. It is also unclear whether she has any legal grounds to file suit being that her son did not obey traffic rules. For now, the superintendent who accidentally struck the child has not been charged and the boy involved did not sustain severe injuries.