Teachers In Major City Get Panic Devices

In this city rifled with school violence, school safety measures are increasing, with the implementation of new panic devices for teachers.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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School safety is a perpetually growing concern across America, and many teachers reeling from the violence are demanding an increase in school safety measures. More and more schools are implementing prevention standards like cameras, increased security personnel, and metal detectors. But in recent years, an uptick in alternative practices has been seen as well. In a newly innovative effort, some teachers in Las Vegas will soon receive panic devices.

According to a report from Fox5Vegas, schools across Las Vegas will soon see increased school safety measures. The initiative comes a week after a Clark County School District student sexually assaulted and attempted to murder a teacher at the Eldorado High School. Earlier this week, education leaders assembled in a hasty effort to announce the city’s plans to ramp up security for both students and teachers. 

Officials discussed the multiple steps being taken to increase school safety. Police already patrol and walk through schools in the Entertainment Capital of the World, but that law enforcement presence is planned to be raised both inside schools and around them. Furthermore, it was announced that the increased police presence would be weighted in schools where data shows violent acts were reported the most. 

school safety

There is also a plan to upgrade campus security cameras. CCSD Superintendant Jesus Jara mentioned that the security cameras are “outdated.” However, it will be interesting to see how the district comes up with the funds needed to upgrade the technology for added school safety, which will likely be a costly venture. 

But quite possibly the most impressive proposal to ramp up school safety is the plan to give teachers panic devices. The technology is similar to those used with panic buttons, which send out an alert when pushed in emergency situations. The new technology will come in the form of a lanyard worn around teachers’ necks in schools. Through Bluetooth technology,  the device will alert first responders’ dispatch when pushed. 

school safety

Other than an initiative to ramp up school safety with upgraded technology and new devices, leaders also asked for community support to combat the growing school violence crisis in Las Vegas. Since the problem typically begins in the home, parent intervention, along with communication can be crucial. Earlier this year, a new initiative was developed spawning from an idea for groups of dads trying to turn the tables on the growing issue. In Las Vegas, the program is called Dads in Schools. Their mission is simple: volunteer to walk the halls and cafeterias to offer a smiling face and a supportive male role model figure to talk to. 

CCSD has now seen 1,300 combined violent incidents this school year alone, and a total of 28 guns have been confiscated from students as well. The problem is alarming to leaders, as they say it’s not just an issue with peers, but also points to an increased rate at which students disrespect authority, which is menacing as well. The efforts are meant to add a sense of security for teachers, parents, and students, but whether or not police presence, cameras, and panic devices can curb the school safety issue is yet to be seen.