Renowned Private School Teacher Arrested For Sexual Misconduct

Carrollwood teacher Jamie Felton engaged in sexual relations with a minor student from the renowned school while her wife was out of town.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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The recent arrest of a Florida teacher is further proof that no institute of learning is immune to the unfortunate, inappropriate behavior of some in authoritative positions. Some fear that the situation regarding sexual misconduct in schools is getting worse, as at least 181 educators nationwide were charged with sex crimes within just the first half of 2022 alone. Adding to that growing list, a Carrollwood teacher at a prestigious Tampa private school has been arrested with allegations of sexual misconduct against a minor student.

Jamie Melton teaches English at Carrollwood Day School, a renowned private K-12 school in Tampa, Florida. The Carrollwood teacher was arrested on Sunday, September 11th after authorities were alerted and obtained evidence that she had formed a sexual relationship with an unnamed minor student. The evidence is quite incriminating and depicts how she laid out the illegal act while her wife was out of town.

According to reports from the obtained police report via The New York Post, the 42-year-old Carrollwood teacher invited the student over to her house, telling her that her wife was out of town. The two engaged in sexual activity that was described and heavily redacted in court papers because of their illicit detail. Afterward, Melton told the child to delete their conversations in text messages. 

Still, authorities were able to uncover enough incriminating messages that were sent after the fact. In one recovered text message, the Carrollwood teacher told the student she wanted to “eat her.” In another, Melton wrote to the student that she was falling asleep where the two had previously had sex. 

While it is unknown how it happened, the minor student’s father learned of the illegal activity. Reports say that it was the victim’s father who alerted not only the police but also the Carrollwood teacher’s wife. Now, the 42-year-old has been charged with a felony for sexual battery.

Chad Chronister, the sheriff for Hillsborough County said that he was “disgusted” by the Carrollwood teacher’s behavior in a press release this past Monday. He alleged that Melton was an upstanding citizen within the community before her tryst. “This woman was a trusted member of this community who was responsible for the education and well-being of students,” he said.

The prestigious school where the Carrollwood teacher taught English is rated highly in STEM, and holds an A+ rating on Niche, the school rating site. Annual tuition at the school costs families more than $24,000. Overall, this finding depicts just how widespread the matter is of bad teachers weaving their way into the system, proving that it can happen at any school.

Administrators at Carrollwood asserted the teacher had a clean record prior to the sexual abuse allegations. They said that there were no red flags alerting staff previously. It is unknown exactly how long Jamie Melton taught at the private school.

Carrollwood teacher

As the investigation remains open, the school announced that the Carrollwood teacher was suspended as soon as they learned of her arrest. Authorities remain hopeful that this was a one-time occurrence, but urge anyone in the community with information or possible knowledge of other happenings to come forward. It is unknown whether or not Melton remains in jail, or if she posted bail.