Report Of Gummies Handed Out At School Raises Concerns With Parents

At least four middle school children at Chapel Hill Middle School were known to have eaten gummies, and parents are now concerned they may have been THC-infused edibles.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Decades ago, parents likely would not have blinked an eye if their young child came home from school saying they ate gummy bears handed out in class. But today, many parents know that the legalization and normalization of marijuana have made it easy for children to get their hands on the edible form of the drug. The recent report of an incident inside a North Carolina school deals with this issue and is raising concerns with parents.

According to a report from CBS46 News, parents of children attending Chapel Hill Middle School learned something alarming that may have occurred last week. The school announced that it’s investigating an incident in which a student handed out gummies. Now, parents fear that the gelatin treat may have been edibles laced with THC — the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. 

The DeKalb County School District released a statement concerning what may have happened. They said that the school learned that four students were known to have consumed candy described as “edible gummy bears.” The families were contacted despite the fact that the district still is uncertain whether or not they were just fruity snacks, or something possibly more dangerous. 

Besides the alarming account, no health-altering events were reported, and the students known to have ingested the edibles were allegedly fine. But still, the incident is concerning to many parents. Currently, North Carolina is one of many states looking to join the growing trend and legalize marijuana for recreational use. 

19 states now allow marijuana to be consumed for recreational purposes. Some parents fear that this is making it easier for schoolchildren to obtain gummy edibles — which can now easily be bought at retailers. During the 2021-2022 school year, there was an uptick in reported incidents similar to the one at the Chapel Hill middle school.

Last May, kindergarteners were hospitalized after ingesting edibles in the classroom. A classmate brought gummies into his school in Clio, Michigan. They belonged to his mother, who had reportedly left them out in the open. 

In April, toddlers at a Virginia daycare were hospitalized after eating THC-lased goldfish. The snack belonged to the childcare provider, who ran the daycare out of her home. Some of the reported children were just one year of age.

Many parents believe that the legalization of marijuana is making it easier for children to obtain edibles. Last school year, drug dealers were continuously found peddling colorful candies and gummies laced with THC right outside of New York City schools. Reports said that oftentimes, dealers were selling their products illegally, and to schoolchildren.

With marijuana becoming such a prominent drug for recreational use, most older children are aware of the existence of THC edibles. But to younger children, these snacks and treats can be accidentally ingested. Because of this, it is important for families to have discussions about the dangers of accepting food from other students in school.


It remains unknown whether or not the children at the Chapel Hill Middle School were given a drug or merely a sugary gummy bear. Regardless, parents are growing alarmingly concerned over edibles making their way into schools. Weed consumption among young children can have damaging side effects, and families are more concerned than ever about its presence in schools.