District Using Jedi ‘Mind Tricks’ To Confuse Young Children About Gender?

A site is comparing a Facebook group's plan to hold LGBTQ events said to indoctrinate children to fictitious Jedi mind tricks.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Any true Star Wars aficionado knows that Jedi mind tricks allow the fictitious force-wielding defenders of the galaxy the ability to persuade the mind, all with the stroke of a hand. Apparently, that’s also what right-wing conservatives want you to believe is happening with gender ideology in schools. The Washington Examiner recently reported that liberals are using a similar method, fittingly called JEDI, to push gender identity topics to young children, and in turn confuse them.

The endeavor that the Examiner writes about is known as the J.E.D.I collaborative. Unlike the Jedi Order of protagonists in the Star Wars franchise, this organization was formed as a collective based on restoring what its acronym stands for: justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion all through a natural product industry. However, some claim it is abetting the public looking to impose contentious gender topics on children as young as three years old. 

Backing up this claim against JEDI, the article points to a local California Facebook group advocating for the collaborative, knowns as the PUSD Parents 4 JEDI. Although the group is private, and in fact should be noted that anyone on social media can create a group and claim it aligns with another, the Washington Examiner claims to have received inside information revealing the practices enforced by this group that supports misleading gender ideology for young children.

Insisting that this proves that the JEDI collaborative’s goal is to indoctrinate young children, the article points to notes from a meeting held by the group recently. Within the notes, the group planned for a 3-part LGBTQ event series. Members plan to provide JEDI training, hand out flyers, and present videos, and other forms of LGBTQ inclusivity materials. All of this to them insinuates that it will in turn confuse young children about their gender. 

Furthermore, the article depicted why one group member wanted to target children between the age of three and five. To this, the member said that this is the beginning age at which children recognize their gender. Likewise, the member called for more resources in local schools for LGBTQ students. Again, all of this is proof to some that the JEDI collaborative as a whole is attempting to sway young children into identifying as a member of the LGBTQ community. 

Unfortunately, political rhetoric has driven a major wedge into education this year, from both fronts. To many conservatives, the startling increase at which public schools are found to be supporting LGBTQ students at all grade levels is touted as a way to indoctrinate children and make them feel like they should identify as something they may not actually be. But to activists for causes like JEDI, expanding resources and materials education the general public about these topics is meant to be a measure to bring inclusivity to longstanding marginalized groups. 


There is no proof that the official JEDI collaborative is in approval or not with the Facebook group that The Examiner uses to push their allegations about indoctrination and brainwashing of young children. Both sides of the media tend to push their agenda as it fits them. For those wishing to keep schools neutral, claims like this only further the divide. After all, notes from a Facebook group that could have been started up by anyone, does little to prove that liberal groups, as a whole, are indoctrinating youth.