Largest Teachers’ Union Calls For End To School Policing

The nation's largest teacher' union, the NEA, is calling for the end of school policing policies amid growing violence in schools.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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As districts consider stricter security measures due to increased violence on school campuses, the largest teachers union in the nation is calling for an end to school policing. The National Education Association (NEA) unveiled a new policy at their Representative Assembly in Chicago. This new approach focuses on equity when considering safety and discipline. 

93% of the 6,000 attendees voted in favor of the new measure, which places an emphasis on meeting students’ “social, emotional, and physical needs.” It creates a task force to organize and collect data on school issues, then meet with national partners, local officials, and “racial justice advocates, allies, and community activists.” They, first and foremost, wish to end the school policing of students, and now many parents are wondering if security will be reduced or eliminated on campuses. 

In addition, the NEA plans to offer “culturally competent” teaching after developing strategies to end gaps in disciplinary actions. This is where some parents grow more concerned because security in schools is often needed to protect hard-working diligent students from disruptive individuals and even gang members. With less school policing and softer disciplinary actions, that take students’ race or culture into account, students are divided and no longer offered equal treatment which often leads to dissent and destruction of student togetherness.

Lastly, this new school policing policy is geared toward engaging all students and providing safe and fun learning environments. Why this was not already being carried out is unclear, but three million NEA members are planning to “mobilize” and make this plan a reality. Although the details are not laid out and the plan is vague, teachers’ unions hold much sway, to the point that some are calling to defund these organizations — which are pandering to one-sided politics

Like many teachers’ unions, the NEA displays a clear leftist political bias with its call to end school policing. They support the LGBTQ community wholeheartedly without questioning the damaging effects of supporting child sex changes before students are old enough to understand the life-long impact of such actions. They have 100% bought into the federal government’s push for “equity” over equality, especially in regards to “racial justice.” What this means is that they favor all students reaching the same outcome no matter how hard they do or don’t work. They clearly back Critical Race Theory with their belief that the country is “systematically racist,” and that being against racism is not enough, they are pushing for “anti-racism” which promotes activism, and even were accused of supporting violence during the BLM riots in 2020. So it’s no wonder that the NEA is against school policing as most leftist organizations are still promoting measures to defund the police in various cities despite the fact that crime skyrocketed in areas where budgets were taken from police departments and put into social services. 

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It is an unfortunate fact that many schools are ill-equipped to handle the complex issues plaguing students right now. After excessive pandemic protocols isolated children from their peers and extended family, many are in need of more support than ever, but reducing or removing school policing as violence increases is not likely to aid students who are working hard to overcome their struggles peacefully. While teachers’ unions and politicians continue focusing on race and equity, children are feeling more divided than ever. Parents have argued with school officials, teachers’ unions, and school board members over these new doctrines, but for now, large entities like the NEA are ignoring these valid concerns and planning to “mobilize” in order to execute their plan without question.