See A Distraught Uncle Attack Texas City Council For Barring Trans Child From Girls Sports

See an alleged man have a meltdown over Texas trans rights at City Council because his transgender nephew can't play on a girls basketball team.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Long before trans celebrity Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, was advocating against transgender sports, the issue was a heated topic. But now with a staggering divide on transgender rights throughout the United States, more and more legislation is being implemented to bar transgender children from participating in sports teams other than those assigned to their gender at birth. Some believe it’s causing so much division that it’s taking time away from more important concerns. And if that’s true, then the now-viral video showcasing an alleged Uncle giving an overly-emotional speech about Texas trans at a city council meeting surely is proof.

See the meltdown below.

The video depicts what is being described as a “woke liberal” showcasing his forbearing viewpoints complete with blue and yellow hair for Ukraine support, bright rainbow-colored suspenders, and a black tee reading “Hillary for president”. But even with his spikey choker necklace and all, the outfit isn’t what sent the video’s likes and shares on fire. It was his obnoxiously loud cries about Texas trans rights that have gotten the video shared over seven thousand times in the last twelve hours. 

Almost instantly getting hot-headed and emotional, the speaker says he is speaking out against recent Texas trans legislation. He claims he has a 14-year-old nephew who wishes to play in a basketball league at the YMCA for 8-year-old girls. He also says that his nephew has two daddies, who are busy fending off CPS from taking their son away. But, that isn’t the speaker’s biggest concern. He just wants his nephew to play on the girl’s basketball team.  In the rant, he goes on to bring up everything from vaccinations, Justin Trudeau, and even the “orange man” as he calls President Trump. He even says that he still has nightmares in regards to Trump’s mean tweets.

While some might claim this is a perfect example of Woke liberal idealogy, others say the meltdown is too insane to be true. Given who has shared the video, the latter is probably correct. The video was shared by Cassady Campbell, a popular YouTuber that gets his fame from making parody videos. A look through Campbell’s social accounts and you can find plenty of similar videos of a man acting outlandishly at city council meetings. Campbell shared a similar video on March 23rd where it seems the YouTuber dressed up as a Biden supporter comparing Trump to Hitler at a Denton City Council meeting in Texas, where he also parodied a Texas trans rights supporter.

While he might be mocking just about everyone against party lines, Campbell draws attention to real-life concerns facing the nation. Texas has been a frontrunner for states executing new legislation against Texas trans rights. When the video’s actor said that his brother and gay lover were being threatened by CPS, he was referring to a controversial letter issued in late February to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Coming directly from Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbot, the letter directed the agency to classify medical treatments like puberty blockers and hormone injections as child abuse under existing state law. The letter also said the Texas government would penalize doctors, nurses, and teachers who failed to report instances of treatment to the DFPS, as well as other members of the general public.

As for Texas trans and sports, the state has already banned transgenders from participating in sports other than the assigned gender on their birth certificate lists. Eleven states currently have legislation similar to Texas in regards to transgender sports. And as long as people like Cassady Campbell continue to bring attention to the staunch divide in the nation, we will likely see similar videos continue to go viral across social media.