Louisiana Creates New Anti-Woke Social Studies Curriculum

By Erika Hanson | 2 weeks ago

social studies curriculum

There is a belief around the nation by many parents, officials, and even education leaders that divisive concepts such as critical race theory (CRT) have been weaseled into schools, often in curriculum standards. Some states have made headlines this year for revised academic standards that are set to further impose these controversial teachings. In Minnesota, newly approved math standards were found to contain awkward placements of Native American references, drawing criticism from many parents and tribes. But in Louisiana, newly passed social studies curriculum standards are said to be the best in the nation and are touted as being anti-woke.

In the state of Louisiana, social studies curriculums have not undergone updated standards since 2011. Working diligently to change that this year, the Department of Education (DOE) recently approved the Bayou State’s new standards, which will go into effect next year. The state’s superintendent, Dr. Cade Brumley, praised the new anti-woke dubbed standards, calling it a “model for the country” in a recent appearance on Fox & Friends First.

social studies curriculum

The superintendent talked about the revised social studies curriculum standards and its focus on pride for the nation. Discussing things like “sacred honor”, and the importance of the Declaration of Independence, he even touched on the abolishment of slavery and the civil rights movement –a topic critics to anti CRT proponents say that such anti-woke policies fail to address.

Dr. Brumley also spent some time discussing the new social studies curriculum with Education Week, to which he pointed out the rigorous structure on which the committee of various state teachers, educators, parents, and students worked. He touted the new standards being built on the Freedom Framework, with a goal to make sure every student has a thorough understanding of the nations founding principles. Likewise, he said that the new framework would better present historical content taught in classrooms in a “precise, coherent, and chronological manner.”

Earlier this year, the social studies curriculum standard’s board of appointed advisors had drawn up an original draft of the new standards that were ultimately rejected by the state’s Department of Education. Much of the reason they were rejected was that the DOE said they found tones of critical race theory throughout the curriculums. Furthermore, education officials said the draft standards contained inappropriate material for some lower grades, although the superintendent made no mention of what these were.

social studies curriculum

The new best-in-class, anti-woke social studies curriculum made sure to include plenty of public input before being implemented, furthering the notion that it was best suited for the demands of state families. Similarly, Dr. Cade Brumley pointed out that the newly revised standards receive sweeping positive feedback when the state opened the curriculums up for public comment. Superintendent Brumley feels that it is a perfect balance for the mixed government state, where the chambers of government are controlled by Republicans, but the office of the governor is controlled by Democrats. 

Each state has to revise and update education standards periodically. And as the war on education rages on, these social studies curriculums will likely continue to be thoroughly revised. Across the nation, parents are speaking out in droves demanding more influence inside of public school classrooms, as “woke” policies continue to be questioned.