School Staffer Who Pushed LGBTQ Curriculum Arrested For Pedophilia

A Michigan school employee that recently demanded the district implement LGBTQ curriculums was arrested for pedophilia.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Michigan school employee

An LGBTQIA+ Michigan School Employee who pushed to implement sexual identity curriculum in K-12 classes has been arrested for pedophilia. This man stood up at a school board meeting, admitted to having contact with children, and even mocked parents’ concerns regarding the sexualization of children. Now their greatest fears have been realized as the details of the case are revealed. 

Eric Rohman took a strong stance in support of promoting LGBTQ+ ideology in schools. He claimed that children are “hungry” for homosexual and transgender information. The Michigan school employee went further to prey upon the school board’s emotions during his address, noting how students are “hurting, questioning, struggling.” His solution was to openly teach gender theory despite the fact that gender confusion has been linked to higher rates of psychological issues. 

According to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research & The Williams Institute, The UCLA School of Law, gender nonconforming students are more than twice as likely to suffer from severe psychological distress. The Michigan school employee completely overlooked this information in his crusade to bring LGBTQ+ ideology into classrooms, and likely had ulterior motives. As more teachers are caught sexually abusing children, and LGBTQ+ teachers who support gender ideology have been accused of grooming through education indoctrination, Eric Rohman’s alleged crimes further damage relations between families and the LGBTQ+ community. 

The Michigan school employee was arrested by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal Police after he and two other men posed as children on social media to lure a child to an undisclosed location in order to sexually abuse the young minor. This was detected by a sting operation which involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including Tribal police. Mt Pleasant Police, Middleton by CMU Police also ran the operation with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Michigan State Police, Michigan State Police Analysis Unit, CMENT, MINT Narcotics Units, Shepherd Police Department, and Isabella County Central Dispatch.

This Michigan school employee is not the first vocal LGBTQ+ school employee to be caught abusing children. Just last month it was revealed that a “WOKE” Hawaii teacher who attempted to smear conservatives for their concerns regarding grooming practices in the education system was charged with not only sexually molesting a 13-year-old student, but also photographing the incidents and taking videos to share with another teacher in Philadelphia.  Technology is being used in many of these abuse cases. From grooming children online to filming their offenses and sharing them with others, parents are validated in their concerns regarding the sexualization of children in school. 

As LGBTQ+ activists continue to assert that children are not being groomed in schools, more teachers and LGBTQ school staff members — like the Michigan school employee — are being arrested for sex crimes against children. No amount of speeches and claims can change these facts. Thankfully, groups like Gay Against Groomers have formed to oppose the sexualization of children through LGBTQIA+ lessons. This coalition was expressly formed to fight against modern extremist pushes to normalize drag queen story hours, child sex changes, and teaching gender theory in the classroom. It is a new organization, that separates those who just want equality from the radicalized minority of LGBTQ+ activists who vehemently mobilize to change school policies in the name of “equity.” 

Michigan school employee

The Michigan school employee is exactly the kind of school staff member that Gays Against Groomers are opposing. While he has yet to be charged, his actions reflect poorly on the very community he supports. Parents who are seeking to protect their children from predators must learn from these situations and ban together with those who stand against child abuse and grooming techniques.