Preschool Teacher Fired For Vulgar Tweets About Indecent Acts At School

A Portland preschool teacher was fired after vulgar tweets exposed the teacher for indecent acts during school hours.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Portland preschool teacher

Today, more teachers than ever are being exposed on the job for controversial matters. The internet is only serving to exacerbate this occurrence, in matters deemed unfair sometimes, but fortunate in other instances. This appears to be the case when a Portland preschool teacher was recently exposed and ultimately fired for some crude tweets regarding extremely inappropriate behavior that happened during school.

Newsweek reports that Marco Antonio Reyes Rojas, a Portland-based preschool teacher was recently let go of his job at the Fruit and Flower Childcare Center following a slew of exposed Tweets on his personal account that depicted him performing, vulgar, illegal acts while at school. This revelation follows another stint of media presence that graced the young childhood educator as he was previously reported on a national level after contracting the monkeypox virus over the summer. But given what he alleged on Twitter, he is now being condemned for acting completely inappropriate, with many fearing what else he may have done while teaching inside the preschool.

The revealed Tweets came from the Portland preschool teacher’s personal Twitter account, @Sensual_Bottom, which has now been deleted. Over the past year, the 30-year-old educator disclosed that he masturbated at work. The tagline in his Twitter bio allegedly read “18+.” Oftentimes, he would post nude pictures of himself — sometimes at work.  What’s more, he often would Tweet that he was under the influence while on the job. Overall, Newsweek said that his account displayed more than 500 images or videos of him involved in explicit acts. 

Prior to making headlines for his indecent exposure, the former Portland preschool teacher nabbed media attention after contracting monkeypox. He first garnered a local tv spot talking about the issues he faced after needing to isolate himself because of the emerging virus. He also condemned the U.S. for not sufficiently supporting individuals like him who contract the virus. 

On top of that, the Portland preschool teacher raised thousands of dollars by creating a GoFundMe campaign. He elevated his exposure to monkeypox and being a struggling preschool teacher to garner help from donors. Within just a few days, the former educator was able to raise over $7,000 from the crowdfunding app. 

After reviewing his social media posts, the Portland preschool teacher was removed from his job. Furthermore, the State of Oregon issued an emergency order of suspension prohibiting him from providing child care to children in the state. The agency cited inappropriate behavior while at work as their reason for order. It is unclear for now whether or not criminal charges will be sought.

Portland preschool teacher

Similar stories have raised extensive controversy regarding other teachers being fired from their job because of findings on social media. Some have been terminated for sharing their political views or LGBTQ matters. Others have been ousted from the job because it was discovered that they ran OnlyFans accounts unrelated to their educational job. However, given the fact that this Portland preschool teacher was caught doing vulgar things while on duty, and allegedly high, it is easy to understand his immediate chastisement. 

The internet has made it so that concerned individuals can find out plenty of information about teachers with the click of a mouse. Because of those like the Portland preschool teacher, many districts now have policies requiring school staffers to disclose any social media accounts. While these revelations often are contentiously viewed, the results of Rojas’ exposure were likely to be gladly discovered by parents whose children attended the childcare center.