Senator Goes Viral Twerking For Votes, Wants Pleasure Based Sex Ed In Schools

Sen. Tiara Mack has gone viral for a video in which she twerks for votes, as users remember her proposal to teach kids pleasure based sex ed.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Tiara Mack

State senators are known for many things. These elected officials propose and sponsor bills that affect legislation laws, and policies. But also, these politicians become entangled in scandals, as is the common case for Tiara Mack, a state senator in Rhode Island. In her most recent debauchery, the senator is turning heads, and outraging many of her opponents and opposers, as she showcased her twerking skills in a Tweet as a means to garner votes. In turn, conservatives have berated her and reminded the public that she has previously pushed for “pleasure-based” sex education in schools.

Sen. Tiara Mack posted the salacious video of herself to her TikTok account on the fourth of July to commemorate America’s birthday. She starts the clip off by stating “vote senator Mack” and the video cuts to her upside down on the beach, in a teeny bikini, twerking for viewers. The account has been shared across social media, with upset reactions coming from both sides of political standings.

Libs of TikTok, a popular conservative social media account that shares contentious findings related to sexual identity and children took a hold of the story. Sharing the clip, the user pointed out that Tiara Mack is also the senator who earlier this year proposed to teach Rhode Island students about queer, pleasure-based sex education. To prove it, the account shared a screenshot shot of a Tweet Mack shared regarding this bill back in February.

According to an article posted in April by The Providence Journal, the controversial piece of legislation was explained in detail. The bill, S2285 focused on teaching a sex education curriculum that taught abstinence, and safe sex measures for students grade six through twelfth. However, the bill’s critics focused on a controversial text within that called for revisions to be inclusive for all races, sexual orientations, and specifically cited “pleasure-based sexual relations.” Because of that last part, Tiara Mack’s sponsorship was blasted.

Speaking about the senate bill in a chambers meeting earlier this year, Tiara Mack noted that she has been attacked and belittled by her opponents for attempting to affirm and normalize sexual behavior for teenagers through health class. She was even compared to a groomer and pedophile for suggesting this. Now that she has shared her comfortable stance on her own sexuality, she is once again blasted for “twerking for votes.”

No matter how innocent Tiara Mack’s sex ed proposal may or may not be, many Americans remain strictly against this behavior being normalized for those in authoritative positions. One user responded to Mack, making it known that she is not a conservative but was still “disappointed” by the senator’s upside-down twerking. Still, Mack clapped back at her adversaries, reminding them that she regardless is a well-educated, politician that a plethora of achievements under her belt. 

Senator Tiara Mack’s twerking highlights a battle with no end in sight. America is torn, with progressives advocating for the normalization of sex appeal and related matters, while others are vehemently fighting to uphold traditional values where sex education is left for home discussion when parents feel it’s appropriate. Caught in the middle of the battle are the schools and students.