Preschool Teacher Leads Political Chant In Preschool, Parents Outraged

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

preschool teacher

Much of the nation is focused on education and what exactly our children are being taught inside the classroom. Much of the discussion falls on the debate over critical race theory teachings, but even more so on what exactly teachers can and cannot say during lessons. A recent incident inside a California preschool sheds some light on why parents have been so upset lately, as a preschool teacher was recently caught leading a politically charged chant to her students inside the classroom.

See footage of the chant below.

The incident occurred at the Turning Point Christian School in Norco, California. An Eastvale mother reported the event to Eyewitness News after she found out what had gone down inside her child’s preschool classroom. On February 18th, the mother picked up her daughter from school not yet knowing that her preschool teacher had just concluded a political chant inside the classroom composed of children four and five years old. 

The mother, Christina McFadden,  said she received a video as well on Brightwell, an app the school uses to communicate with parents. The video clip was short, but within, the mother states that the preschool teacher asks the students who the President is. The students then respond in unison, shouting “Biden” as the teacher goes on to ask them “What do we want to do with him?” To this, the students respond twice, chanting “We want him out!” 

McFadden also told the news that her daughter referenced the chat almost immediately that day when she picked her up from preschool. According to the mom, the little girl chanted “We want him out”, something the mother said to the news was her daughter’s “first history lesson” from the preschool teacher. 

preschool teacher

After telling the local news outlet how shocked she was, the mother went on to explain how she ended up watching the short clip over and over out of disbelief for what was actually happening. McFadden also said the video was removed from the messaging app a few hours later. Upon removal, a school administrator left a message for the families that received the video from the preschool teacher. Acknowledging that it had happened, the new message said the video was deleted because it did not “share” the school and church’s beliefs to honor and respect authority, including those sitting in government positions. Furthermore, the message apologized for any “misunderstanding” the video might have created but also asked that no one else further share the video on any social media platform. 

As it stands, it is unclear if the preschool teacher has received any disciplinary action following the incident. Eyewitness News did reach out to Turning Point Christian School but has yet to hear back. The mother told the news outlet that the school told her the teacher was “repentant” and had learned from her mistake. 

Dr. Tyrone Howard, a professor of education at UCLA agreed with the mother on how awful and inappropriate the video was. “I’ve always believed the role of teachers is not to indoctrinate students about what to think. It’s to help develop critical thinking skills so students can make their own decisions,” he told Eyewitness news. Furthermore, Howard said he is not sure how the situation would be handled given it occurred within a private school that has differing guidelines and procedures. However, he exclaimed that he believes that even most private schools would not want to be associated with a preschool teacher who openly teaches young children to hate the President of the United States.