See A Florida Teacher Vow To Keep Hiding Student Info From Parents, Violating Law

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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See a Florida teacher violate the newly passed controversial law as she vows to keep hiding student info from parents.

Amber Mercier, an algebra teacher at Florida Charlotte County Public Schools’, The Academy, has taken it upon herself to vow to hide student information from parents. As a signal of virtue, she took to TikTok to publicly declare that she has no regard for Florida law or parental rights. This is in direct response to Florida’s recently passed House Bill 1557, which opponents are calling the “Don’t say gay bill,” even though the bill says nothing about gayness and everything about keeping parents informed.

The backlash against the new Florida law has been highly publicized. The increasingly WOKE Disney corporation is facing walkouts for not doing enough to oppose the bill, but proponents of this policy use sound logic to herald parental rights over school indoctrination. As reports suggest that LQBTQ teachers push their ideologies onto students, it’s no surprise that confused adolescents are increasingly coming out. One may conclude that this is because the stigma has been removed, but there is a difference between teaching acceptance and understanding of minorities, and openly encouraging children to change their gender or explore their sexuality before they have even reached puberty. One California mother has gone so far as to sue the schools for their role in convincing her child that she is transgender instead of allowing the girl to explore her identity without persuasion.

Cases like this have become so common that Florida lawmakers felt it necessary to draft and pass a law that prohibits schools from hiding information about students from their parents. It specifically works to ensure that schools are not forcing their identity politics onto students and then hiding the children’s reactions should they latch onto LGBTQ culture. It goes further to prevent sexual education of any kind from being taught until students are in the 4th grade. This is in direct response to teachers grooming students, child sexual abuse being reported in schools, and gender confusion causing issues before a child’s body and brain have even reached pre-puberty. Nowhere in the Florida law does it prohibit teachers from saying “gay,” nor does it attack gay parents or students, it merely leaves that discussion for the parents to handle until children are in the 4th grade. 

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Based on this information, and knowing just how many children are sexually abused by teachers and staff members working in the public education system, one may question Ms. Mercier’s motives. She is an openly proud member of the LGBTQ community. She has now publicly declared that she doesn’t care about the law. This may lead parents to wonder what other Florida laws she does not abide by. 

In fact, this teacher already went so far as to state that she doesn’t care if she has to lose her job in support of this cause against the Florida law, she will continue to do as she pleases. This is enough for parents to call for her resignation at the very least. Whether the district will allow their staff to continue promoting unlawful ideologies in the pursuit of “educating” other people’s children or whether they will take action against Mercier who has thousands of TikTok followers and posts videos about how “Life feels meaningless,” is unknown. Furthermore, the fact that she would rather go to jail than allow parents to know what is going on with their own children is sure to rattle feathers. One thing is clear in this case specifically, some teachers truly believe that they should teach children whatever they please regardless of what parents or even the law states.