Why Students Staged A Walkout At This Oklahoma High School

Charles Page High School students staged a walkout to oppose racism after students handed out White Privilege mock credit cards.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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A racist incident against students occurred at Charles Page High School in Oklahoma. A group of unidentified students handed out “White Privilege Cards” to classmates and called one of them a racial slur. Because of this, a diverse group of students staged a walkout to oppose racism of any kind. 

The “White Privilege Cards” are mock credit cards that list the cardholder name as “Scott Free” and notes that individuals have been a “Member Since: Birth” and that the card expires upon their “Death.” A mixed-race student took one of the cards home to show to her mother and stated that a classmate’s parent had bought them for the boy to bring to Charles Page High School. He was attempting to sell them on campus, but then began distributing the cards when no one bought them.  

A group of Charles Page High School students has banded together to oppose the incident. They staged a walkout Wednesday morning with the support of the school staff. The district Superintendent thanked students for “standing up” to racial prejudice and sympathized with their peaceful position. She also noted hopes that the cards were handed out as a misguided joke rather than a hurtful act. 

The Charles Page High School resource officer had been alerted to what happened but determined that no criminal acts occurred. The students who handed out the cards are to be reprimanded, but just what their punishment will be was not made public. In addition, the school has not released any plans to support those affected or provide counseling to students who have been harmed by this act of discrimination

This may have been a main cause of the protest. The walkout was a simple event at the Charles Page school that involved students executing their demonstration, making their point, then returning to class. A flier detailing additional rallies for next week has been circulated around the school indicating a continued desire to unify after an attempt to divide students. 

Some claim that the fliers contain “possible threats of violence,” but no images of these fliers have been released to the public. Concerned Charles Page High school parent, Angela Stites, opened up to reporters that her daughter heard rumors that next week’s rallies may turn violent. It was alleged that those involved claimed they would commit a mass school shooting if students don’t support their protest. Whether any reports have been filed or police involvement sought is uncertain. 

For now, Charles Page High School students are starting the year off with a rough beginning. Another racially charged incident occurred just last week putting the community on edge. As many public schools are being pressed to implement identity politics into school curricula, racial tensions have only increased, causing many parents to oppose divisive teaching practices that impress political and racial bias onto students. 

Charles Page

For now, students at the Charles Page High School are coping with the rocky start to a new school year. After being targeted in this week’s incident many students are likely to feel unwelcome. How and if next week’s rallies will occur depends on students’ dedication to peaceful protests. Based on yesterday’s event, the group has displayed no ill intent, only a desire to end racist actions and combat bias within their student body.