See College Students Shout Down Father Who Lost His Trans Child

A viral video on Twitter shows a father who lost his trans child at a college with students vulgarly chanting.

By Sharon Norbury | Published

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Texas’ education system is currently undergoing a lot of pressure from both the left and the right. One topic, in particular, has been gaining momentum in the lone star state. The rights of trans people is already a heated topic, and recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott just stirred the pot even more with remarks suggesting parents of transgender children should be investigated by child protective services. The man behind these remarks is at the forefront of a viral video depicting students chanting at a college in support of trans rights.

See the video clip below.

In a video shared by the account MythinformedMKE, a group of young adults is seen sitting in a college classroom chanting the words “Fu** you fascist” in response to a speaker at the college against trans rights. As the camera pans to the front of the classroom, a presumed college professor is pictured cheering the crowd on.  In the Tweet, the user captioned the video with a headline reading “This is how University of North Texas students handle opinions they don’t agree with. Notice the instructor at the front of the class cheering them on.” Quick note: It wasn’t actually a professor at the college.

At the center of the college trans protest is Jeff Younger. Younger is a Texas House Candidate who is largely known for his stance on being anti-transgender.  With a personal stake in his opposition to trans rights, Younger recently lost a custody battle with his ex-wife. Of his twin children, one considers themself trans. Obstinately opposing his child’s transition, Younger has previously described the act as child abuse, while his ex-wife remains supportive to the daughter. Following a judge’s decision to grant most parental rights to the mother, Younger took to politics to push what he believes to be his heartfelt agenda while drawing support from the far-right. 

The event pictured in the now-viral video was that of the Young Conservatives Texas chapter. The group held an event last week at the University of Texas with Jeff Younger appearing as a guest speaker. Given the state of affairs at the college concerning trans rights, the event was met with heated protestors from both sides. Some videos even captured the tense atmosphere outside the college during the trans debate.

With both sides of the trans rights battle being represented at the Young Conservatives event, the facts and suspicions are mixed with opinions strewn across Twitter. Many users pointed out to the original poster that the man believed to be a professor egging on the chants was actually Jeffrey Younger himself, mocking the protestors. Strikingly similar, it has been confirmed who the man truly was, with a local news outlet recently reporting it was the politician himself. Similarly, left supporters took to the comments to remind others that this was not events taking place inside the classroom, but instead for a non-school-related event being held on campus. 

To republicans and the far right, the vulgar chants from the young protestors only does more to solidify their stance on far-left groups such as ANTIFA as being criminally negligent “sheep” that will protest anyone who opposes them in a vulgar manner. The University of North Texas has made no official comments regarding the event or protest as we are aware. Following Gov. Greg Abbot’s comments in February, Texas advocates for trans rights in college and everywhere else have felt the turmoil of being singled out in the harrowing letter calling on professionals to report parents that give their children gender-affirming care. The act, something Jeffrey Younger surely backs, however, does not hold any legal ground according to the ACLU of Texas.