Arrested Teacher Under More Scrutiny For Twerking On Student At Prom

Florida teacher Julie Hoover was arrested for a second time for sex crimes against a minor following new information that she was seen twerking on a student during prom.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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A former Florida teacher has been arrested for a second time for sexual allegations involving a student. The 39-year-old woman was arrested in June after sexting with a male student. Now she is back in jail after another male student came forward with allegations that she twerked on him at prom and attempted to get him drunk.

Julie Hoover worked for Point of Grace Christian School in Perry. On June 2nd the parent of the student the Florida teacher had first been inappropriate with discovered sexual texts between the middle-aged educator and her teenage son. These spanned between March and April. 

The texts in question set up times for the student to sneak over to Hoover’s house when her husband was out of town. The Florida Teacher was removed from her teaching position. Then, last week a student finally came forward accusing the same teacher of coming on to him. 

The teenage male described how uncomfortable her sexual dance moves made him. He noted how other students recognized this and attempted to get between them to stop the Florida teacher. At least three of these students have corroborated these claims.

It was also detailed that the Florida teacher attempted to get the male student she had twerked on to drink alcohol. She had supplied her own drink and even shoved her straw into his mouth. This violation of teacher/student boundaries and professionalism has already led to her dismissal from her teaching position, and whether or not she will be convicted for her actions depends on the trial. 

In her affidavit, the Florida teacher admitted that she “Let the devil in.” The Point of Grace Christian School has not released a detailed statement. Whether the former educator will have her teaching certification revoked is uncertain. 

In various similar cases, involving teachers who are sexually inappropriate with students, the educators arrested are fired and maybe even convicted, but rarely does the punishment include barring offenders from seeking future positions in the same field. This leaves students in other areas vulnerable to sexual abuse. It has become an ongoing issue in schools that has led to multiple repeat offenses. 

Child sexual abuse in education is a serious issue. 1 in 10 students is sexually assaulted by a teacher or staff member within the public education system. While it is more difficult to measure sexual misconduct at private schools, incidents involving school employees like the Florida teacher are still common in these institutions as well. 

Florida teacher

While educators accused of sexual assault and other lewd behavior are commonly fired and even charged after being caught, the fact of the matter is that repeat offenses continue to be an issue within the profession. Although the Florida teacher involved in this prom incident allegedly committed acts involving both cases before she was punished, her teaching license has yet to be revoked and that is a common problem for victims. This is likely to remain unresolved as schools are making it easier for individuals to become teachers in their desperation to fill vacant education positions.