Homeschool Curriculum Sparks Controversy For Promoting White Wellbeing

By Rick Gonzales | 3 weeks ago

white wellbeing homeschool curriculum

The School of the West is the brainchild of Brant Danger. His real name is Brant Williams, and he is an ex-schoolteacher from Arizona. The School of the West is a new homeschool curriculum that is designed to teach, well, white families. Here is where the controversy begins.

The landing page of School of the West says it all. Captioned in big, bold letters, Danger/Williams immediately lets families know the school’s intentions – Welcome to White Wellbeing. He doesn’t sugarcoat it. He explains that the school is set up as educational resources for parents who wish to homeschool their children AND for the betterment of Westernkind.

The school’s mission (should you so choose to accept it) appears innocent enough:

  •     Provide quality homeschooling material that addresses educational and psychological needs.
  •     Enable our children to develop self-esteem by providing them the truth of their heritage.
  •     Create a world-wide community for our parents, and their children.

From there, the homeschool curriculum is broken up into seven categories that include Language Arts, History & Culture, Mathematics, Art, Science, Programming & Engineering, and White Wellbeing. It is this last category that is raising the ire of many. They feel that Williams’s homeschool curriculum is his attempt at indoctrinating youths with his extremist viewpoints.

In his welcome video, Williams explains that he set up the homeschool curriculum as an “alternate way of teaching children.” He said his school was “a role model” and designed to address “the many problems in the public education system.” Williams then goes on to list some of the “problems” he sees that include “confusing gender roles,” forced gender transgenderism,” “intentional misrepresentation of history,” and “a ton of anti-white propaganda.”

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is White Wellbeing as a homeschool curriculum ? In another video Williams has attached to the School of the West landing page, he explains exactly what it is. It encourages parents to remove their children from public schools (aka government education) because, as the video warns, “our children are under attack” and that “no one is going to save them.”

Under the “White Wellbeing” tab on the homeschool curriculum’s website, there are two subcategories. One is titled White Wellbeing: Youth and the other White Wellbeing: Teens. Under “youth” it goes on to explain that White Wellbeing “is the welfare of Westernkind and all its expressions.” It also adds that “you will find only love and admiration for our people. You will find not only traditional educational material but material designed to protect our children against the anti-white propaganda they will encounter in their lives.”

Under White Wellbeing: Teens, the homeschool curriculum teaches what they call “Go Free.” They describe it as using “logic, reason, and evidence- to cut through the anti-White propaganda that has been heaped upon Westernkind for the entirety of our lives.” But White Wellbeings isn’t the only section that teaches the “betterment of Westernkind.”

The History & Culture section introduces “Meet Your People” for youngsters. It also offers “The Great Westmen” for teens while also offering “Viking History”, again aimed at teens. In what appears to be a fairly benign section is “Science.” Following that link, you will find two dropdowns – Life Science and Physics. The Life Science section is divided into seven lectures and warns that while the series is suitable for the entire family, it is mainly designed for students with a basic understanding of biology.

Each video – introduction, genetic, structural, physiologic, reproductive, disease predilection, mental behavioral, and psychological – begins with the same greeting, “Hello white families.” Even more disturbing is some of the homeschool curriculum’s content. During the “genetic” video, it names certain individuals in the Black race as “mentally retarded” while pointing out that there are many more mentally retarded people in the Black race than in the white. It also says that whites have a higher IQ.

As Williams’ School of the West homeschool curriculum controversy begins, it follows in the footsteps of another method of teaching that has been circling a number of public-school systems and that is Critical Race Theory (CRT). The COVID pandemic has seen the rise in homeschooling, but a number of families are now deciding not to send their children back to school due to the CRT being taught.

Where do we go from here? The racial divide appears to be getting wider and wider and there doesn’t appear to be anyone willing to bridge the gap. With the advent of the School of the West homeschool curriculum and the continued push for CRT curriculum in public schools, there may not be an easy answer to bridging the gap.