Angry Parent Says Her Daughter Was Told To Lie And Hide Information In School LGBTQ Club

By Erika Hanson | 2 weeks ago

As LGBTQ+ advocacy continues to rise across the United States, so does its pushback. These issues have been a front and center debate over public education this year. Every day, media headlines regarding education are filled with controversial stories of schools advocating for LGBTQ+ acceptance, and it’s causing parents opposed to these measures to speak out in droves. One of those parents recently spoke to a conservative news outlet about an LGBTQ club that her daughter once attended, accusing its teacher leader of coercing her daughter to not only lie to her parents but hide information about the club’s meetings.

The incidents were said to have taken place at the Wellington Middle School in Wellington, Colorado. Erin Lee spoke with The New American, in a video the conservative news outlet posted to social media about her daughter’s experience with the school’s Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club. Lee said that her 12-year-old daughter was invited to partake in one of the club meetings by her art teacher last May, where she alleges students were told by an outside speaker “what you hear in here stays in here.”

Generally, keeping such LGBTQ club information confidential is said to be standard practice within the community. The reason for this is said to be because of safety. Many LGBTQ identifiers, especially young ones, haven’t come out of the closet yet, so to speak. Oftentimes, outing individuals before they are ready to come out has been linked to suicide. But regardless, many families see this notion of hiding information as another cue for schools to push their agendas on young children.

Asking Lee’s daughter and other attendees to hide information isn’t the only thing that bothered the mother. She also alleges that the LGBTQ club speaker confused her daughter, claiming they told her she is transgender if she is not “100% comfortable” in her body. Furthermore, the mother claimed that the speaker told the students that their parents are not safe, urging them to lie about their whereabouts while attending the meetings. She also claimed the kids were told heterosexuality and monogamy are not normal.

This could be a case of typical “he said she said” scapegoating, and it could be a case of an anti-LGBTQ mother seeking to prove her point that she feels schools promoting LGBTQ clubs must be brought to an end. It may never be known for sure, but the school did respond to Fox News in regards to the GSA club. Confirming the existence of the club, the school district also affirmed that certain conversations held inside its meetings “may be confidential” in regards to the fact that students attending may not yet be “out” as gay. However, they failed to address the allegations made by Lee, instead pointing out that they have discussed the matter with the mother “on multiple occasions” over the last school year.

Advocates continue to show up in support of LGBTQ initiatives, just as opponents continue to fight back against the cause. It’s a sticky situation for schools, as many parents feel that places of learning should stick to teaching academics, and leaving personal issues like this for the home. Despite all that, LGBTQ clubs continue to pop us across the nation.