Another Host Of The View Argues Critical Race Theory Again

The View Hosts continued to quarrel with Lindsey Granger as the critical race theory debate raged on a second day on the talk show.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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The View

It was just a few days ago that the ladies of the daytime talk show, The View, first started sparring over controversial education practices. Co-Hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines often debate guests to the show and even guest hosts, like they largely have done this week with guest host Lindsey Granger. And while some may have assumed the ladies would have moved off of critical race theory and on to something else this week, the topic once again circled back to the controversial ideology. But this time around, Goldberg and Behar weren’t the hot-headed proponents of critical race theory. Instead, it was prosecutor Sunny Hostin that argued in favor of the controversial subject.

See the gloves come off yet again in the clip below.

Lindsey Granger, the conservative talk show host of Daily Blast Live filled in this week as a guest co-host and commentator on The View. After sparring on Tuesday, the ladies picked the conversation up again on Wednesday. Whoopi Goldberg once again was the one to initiate the conversation on the subject, but this time, it was predominantly Sunny Hostin that scrapped with Granger this match.

When The View host Behar expressed her approval to teaching critical race theory citing that people in this country don’t want to address or admit what happened to Black people, Granger was quick to show her contention, saying that that simply wasn’t true and that she believes as a country we have admitted to our wrongdoings. Granger next attempted to turn the conversation to celebrating Black excellence, which is something the conservative believes is not done enough in schools. She even opened the conversation up to Hostin, who subsequently battled critical race theory even more.

In Hostin’s opinion, celebrating Black excellence ties in directly to what she says is the problem with policymakers in the country trying to ban critical race theory. Hostin said books are being banned and learning systems are being restricted. She even directly called out her guest host on The View, telling her to be careful because of how she is “parroting” Black people’s talking points. 

The View host Sara Haines attempted to jump into the conversation to show support for Granger. Haines reiterated that what she felt Granger was trying to point out was that critical race theory has become an “umbrella term” for a plethora of other unfavored things being taught in schools, Hostin became heated and dragged her law school expertise into the brawl. Shouting back to her that the term has only become that way because Republicans have made it so, she brought up the fact liberals often point out, that the actual teaching of critical race theory is found at the college level, largely inside law classrooms. 

The View

As The View’s theme song began playing in the background signifying the ladies needed to wrap up, Granger was able to get in one final remark about the heated discussion on critical race theory. She pointed out that the larger problem was that parents are asking to be involved in the conversation (assumingly about race) as she suggested that the conversation should be held at the family level. Making sure to get the last word in, Hostin clapped back asking Granger, “Shouldn’t parents want to normalize discussions about race and racism?” To which Granger replied that it should be up to the parents to decide. 

Wednesday’s episode of The View marked Lindsey Granger’s last day at the debate table with the co-hosts. And while the conversation, as usual, had little production value on truly weeding out what critical race theory actually involves, the ladies drew the attention of America back to the talk show that has been running for 25 years. If anything, the biggest takeaway from the two-day education brawl was what Sara Haines pointed out. Critical race theory has become very subjective. It seems to now be a blanket term with both sides of politics arguing over something that may not even be confirmable. But one thing is for sure, the topic of critical race theory is likely to continue to pop up everywhere as the battle rages on.