See Parents Twerking At A School Dance Competition

By Sharon Norbury | 3 months ago

school twerking

The question of how far schools are willing to go to entertain students and praise sexuality is once again up for debate. Tariq Nasheed posted a video on Twitter that showed a high school twerking contest, but it wasn’t students taking the spotlight, it was their parents. These mothers are seen proudly displaying their ability to perform the suggestive dance move, which many see as just humping.

It’s no secret that twerking only takes one skill and that its sexual nature is popular with strippers, sex workers, and adults seeking sexual content. One of the most popular twerking websites requires visitors to be 18 years of age or older, while other media outlets have even had to place a label on videos of twerking because the movement’s nature is for “Mature Audiences Only.” The controversial Netflix film “Cuties” is still being investigated by top Texas prosecutors for distributing child pornography since the film depicted pre-pubescent underage middle school girls twerking and doing other sexual activities, so school twerking is not something most parents support when they send their children off to receive an education every day. 

Even so, some parents do applaud their children for twerking and so it’s no surprise that some of these individuals would get up and show off their moves. It is seen as a “cultural” dance move by some ethnic families, but whether or not school twerking should be allowed is yet to be resolved being that it depends upon the district. Many schools have already banned twerking for its vulgar and suggestive thrusts. Even in California, one of the most liberal states in America, schools have banned twerking. Despite this, even some children’s content has resorted to adding twerking to their content in an effort to keep up with the times. 

school twerking

Whether parents should twerk for students is barely the main issue being that children are twerking themselves, but school twerking alone is a topic that just adds more tension to the already mounting disagreements between parents and schools. With identity politics being promoted, school performance rates failing students, and parental rights being trampled on by the school system, twerking is yet another element being seen as an inappropriate activity that diminishes students’ ability to receive a quality education. Not everyone who witnessed this event applauded it. Despite this, popular culture itself seems to be obsessed with sex, sexual identity, and teaching more and more graphic sexual content at younger and younger ages. This comes at a time when a massive child sex-trafficking ring was exposed as Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and then supposedly committed suicide in prison. His accomplice was charged for her crimes, but none of the men who engaged in sexual activity with minors has been convicted, and all the while the public education system continues to be accused of grooming children to believe that underage sex is normal and that children engage in it so often that it is no big deal. 

School twerking only gives the public a glimpse of just how far education has gotten away from instilling knowledge and wisdom in students. What used to be a place to learn and understand core subjects like math, science, language skills, and history — in an effort to properly prepare for adulthood and careers — has now devolved into a place where students are exposed to sexual dance moves which are popular with women who profit off of sex and producing sexual content for adults, but if their parents are the ones engaging in this activity, it may already be a lost cause.