NYC School Admin Caught On Camera Saying Teachers That Don’t ‘Embrace’ Diversity Won’t Get Hired

NYC charter school principal Todd Soper refused to hire school staff that don't embrace diversity or preach the Black Lives Matter movement.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Teachers are exposed left and right for their controversial viewpoints, which oftentimes they admit to pushing in the classroom. It is a major concern today in politics, with lawmakers vowing to rid schools of indoctrination. Project Veritas is a right-wing activist group has been releasing undercover video ops footage of school staffers in a series called “The Secret Curriculum.” In their recent video release, Todd Soper, a NYC school administrator, opens up about his tendency to steer clear of hiring staff that doesn’t “embrace” diversity. 

In a nearly five-minute video, Todd Soper, who unknowingly is part of an exposé, opens up about his controversial hiring techniques within Neighborhood Charter Schools in New York City. The assistant principal largely discusses the hiring process, and how he avoids hiring teachers and support staff that don’t appear to have a staunch liberal mindset. At one point, he refers to students at the school, alleging that their lives matter mostly on a scale that is based on the color of their skin.

Diversity equity and inclusion were a big topic of concern to Todd Soper. Schools across the nation have been pushing these initiatives at an increasing rate to fight back against racism. Opposers to these measures, however, fear that they are teaching children and staff divisive concepts that only further drive individuals apart for their differences. To this, he said that if candidates don’t get DEI questions right, they are automatically given the boot. According to this principle, any answer that “lends itself to colorblind” is an immediate failure for consideration.

Speaking on students, Todd Soper is a big advocate for embracing class lessons on social justice issues and systemic racism. Opponents of these lessons coin them as critical race theory. Many feel that this type of instruction harms certain students and makes them feel guilty for the color of their skin. As advocates for social justice education fight against these claims, Todd Soper doesn’t make it any easier.

Todd Soper also opened up about a teacher that left the school because she didn’t follow the mindset and ideologies similar to his. When asked if she was fired for this, he said she left on her own accord, but added that she would have probably been let go for something they could have pinned her with. The biggest contentions: she didn’t want to preach Black Lives Matter to her classroom.

The assistant principal similarly discussed how his charter schools include LGBTQ+ activities for young children. The undercover cameraman asked Todd Soper if teachers encourage students with gender, to which he says that starting with Kindergarten, the schools embrace a notion that children should feel comfortable being who they feel they are. While not openly stating that they push gender ideologies on young children, this type of discussion is criticized by many as it pertains to young grades. 

Todd Soper

This recording marks the third release by Project Veritas in a project of undercover meetings at bars with school staffers. In the first video, a Connecticut principal was heard ridiculing Catholic staff and vowing not to hire them. In the second video, a director of student affairs at a prestigious NYC school admitted to pushing her political views on students. Both previous staffers face extreme criticism and possible termination from their jobs. For now, it is unknown whether or not Todd Soper will be reprimanded.