Documents Reveal Army Is Teaching Cadets Extreme CRT

By Erika Hanson | Published

Critical race theory is three words used across party lines, in every type of news media outlet, and all over the place in education. Its use and purpose is being questioned by many Americans, especially when applied to students in schools. But public schools, colleges, and universities aren’t the only culprits accused of teaching this contentious theory. Leaked military documents depict a somber picture for those opposed, as it appears West Point cadets are being taught CRT, in what some are calling an extreme measure. 

Fox News recently revealed that they had obtained exclusive documents depicting how the military is teaching West Point cadets CRT, with a major focus on “whiteness”. The documents were said to be obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative activist organization. The documents depicted exactly why many decry CRT, as they fear it sends a divisive message to people.

West Point cadets

Many of the obtained slides within the 600-page document alleged to be used to train West Point cadets talked about whiteness and the inherent privileges of being white. One slide reads that for people to “understand racial inequality and slavery” people must address their whiteness. It goes on to claim being white gives people a structural advantage and privilege that cant be measured because it is “unmarked and unnamed.” 

Other documents depicted questions West Point cadets are asked to answer in their training lessons. One question asked the cadets about affirmative action, or policies and practices that’s purpose are to represent minority groups usually in employment, overriding other’s qualifications. Asking if the practice can serve as “reverse discrimination” respondents are asked to use CRT to support their answer. 

West Point cadets

Another question asked the West Point cadets to describe the difference between desegregation and integration. Since desegregation is said to happen through laws and policies, while integration is supposed to be a natural occurrence, this question more than likely is asking the cadets to acknowledge a notion that some groups are only receiving benefits because of laws that are put in place. While some people feel this still occurs throughout the nation, objectors feel that it is only furthering the divide. 

Other documents included data and statistics backing up claims of CRT and modern racism in the United States. Titled “By The Numbers” the slide provided data claiming African Americans are less likely to receive medical screening tests and job promotions than White people. Likewise, it went on to show how Black people are more likely to be murdered, incarcerated, or live below the poverty line. 

While plenty of expert research studies depict these similar statistics, many Americans are upset to see it being touted as a means to push critical race theory into teachings. They claim that by teaching this to students and military personnel like these West Point cadets, it only serves to further despair racial inequalities by drawing attention to the matter. But to those who approve of using this ideology, it serves as a reminder for future generations that racism in America is still woven its way into American society.