US Department Of Ed Explains How They Insert Trans Support Into Science Classes

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Despite being doxxed recently by The Washington Post, the woman behind the sweeping social media sensation, Libs of TikTok, is persevering in her mission to expose leftist agenda’s in public schools. Her most recent target is a science teacher, who the account claims to be part of a training source for the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). If true, the video reveals how the DOE implements trans support inside of science lessons via inclusive language.

The video was first shared by the viral account that now boasts over 1.1 million followers last night, April 26th. Shared nearly 6,000 times, Libs of TikTok claims the video is from a DOE training for teachers to learn how to use inclusive language to promote trans and non-binary individuals in public schools. Although there are three people seen in the video call, only one teacher speaks throughout the short clip that lasts just a little over 1 minute.

The speaker reveals that he is a biology teacher and a trans identifier. He says that all teachers need to use inclusive language, but he goes on to exemplify how he inserts that language into his biology lessons. He uses the phrase “women produce eggs” as an example.

The science teacher says that to accommodate more inclusive language, instead of saying “women produce eggs”, teachers should say  “ovaries produce eggs”. He points out that not all female life forms have ovaries. Similarly, he speaks to the male life-forms that have ovaries as well. Known as hermaphroditism, this occurrence tends to happen in various plants, invertebrates, and barnacles. In humans, the condition is extremely rare.

inclusive language

The teacher also went on to list his website, which is meant to be a resource for educators as an inclusive language guide. The site, called Gender-Inclusive Biology, is run by the trans teacher and two other educators. All three list themselves as science teachers. The site’s mission is to establish an “evergreen resource” for all educators seeking out aid to forge better improved gender-inclusive curriculums in science classes.

The objective of the site is to conglomerate the goals of science academics with gender-inclusive language that resonates with trans individuals. It also proposes how teachers can do so by creating a “safe and affirming space for intellectual curiosity.” To this, the site points to the Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

NGSS is a multi-state initiative that was enacted nearly a decade ago to create new education standards for science. These new standards were meant to combat growing trends that were said to ignore science and to further cement common standards for teachers across the board. Met with plenty of speculation, these types of standards promoted inclusive language through biological examples.

Much like the Next-Generation standards, opposers reacted to the science teacher on the Twitter post with outrage over what children might be learning about in their biology classrooms. Many users replied with sentiments about homeschooling, saying this is why they choose not to send their children to public school. Others showed support for the teacher’s inclusive language, citing him as speaking scientifically correct, or straight out tweeting replies like  “What’s wrong with that?” Ultimately, many users spoke harshly against the DOE for this training session, however, it should be noted that the video gives no proof of the context, and the account has been proven to share misinformation in the past.