NYC Prepares To Teach 1,000 Migrant Students Coming From Texas

About 1,000 migrant students will soon be taught in NYC public schools as their families are bussed from the Texas border.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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New York City isn’t called the melting pot of the world for nothing. By 1954, more than 12 million immigrants walked through the migration portal at Ellis Island. Today, the Big Apple is keeping up that stance of open arms by welcoming busloads of immigrants seeking asylum from the Texas border, including roughly 1,000 migrant students who will be taught this year in NYC public schools. 

According to reports from CBS News, the Adams administration will welcome the incoming migrant students from Texas, as part of a political battle between areas that approve of current legislation regarding migrants, and those opposed like Texas’ Gov. Greg Abbott. Offering housing and schools for these families, the decision is made available thanks to the city’s Project Open Arms program. Praising the ability to help these children in need, city officials know it will not be an easy task to take on, but are nevertheless glad to help those in need.

Most of the incoming migrant students will be entering grades Kindergarten through eighth. With detailed plans in place via Project Open Arms, NYC is able to make the process of enrolling the children in schools run smoothly.  They will be offered language support, ESL learning, school bus access, MetroCards, and extracurricular activities. 

The migrant students are headed for schools all throughout the six boroughs within the largest school district in the nation. While some may worry that this will overcrowd already-filled classes, the city noted that they are utilizing schools with fewer students to house the newcomers. After all, the city has lost a major chunk of public school children in the past two years, leaving many spots open to fill.

To help pay for this initiative, city officials will seek federal government aid in paying for the endeavor. In the past, the Feds have shelled out funding to cities willing to take in asylum-seeking migrant students. More than likely, New York will be accommodated for this endeavor. 

However, in need of shelter and supplies from the moment they step off the bus, the city has had to come together to supply needed items to many of the migrant students. Multiple nonprofits have already donated needed items like shoes, as some children arrived without any footwear. In need of more housing, the city has turned select hotels into temporary shelters. 

migrant students
Gov. Greg Abbott

The migrant students and their families are being sent from Texas by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott as part of a political ploy. Abbott has been pushing against policies that allow more migrants to enter the Texas-Mexico border. In opposition, he vowed to send busloads of them to New York City. Mayor Adams called the move “inhumane” via The Texas Tribune speaking of the 44-hour-long trek from the border with few stops and no food.

Just a few months ago, Abbott also touted a proposition to end a longstanding Texas law that allowed migrant students in the Lone Star State to be taught in schools on the taxpayer dime. Many believe that, and his recent decision to send migrants to NYC is a move to appeal to far-right voters if he does decide to run in the 2024 presidency. Regardless, some 6,000 incoming families to the nation can rest assured that their young children will have a school to learn at in New York City.