Teacher Quits After Giving Students QR Code For Banned Books

An Oklahoma teacher resigned after breaking state law and sharing QR codes with students to access banned books.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Oklahoma teacher

The majority of parents want politics kept out of classrooms. This has become such a divisive issue that many mothers and fathers are willing to change their political affiliation over educational practices. Despite this, one Oklahoma teacher resigned for giving students access to banned books and believes that she did the right thing. 

Parental rights have come under attack in recent years. Many educators believe it is their right to teach children about sexuality and racial theories. This is the case for Summer Boismier. This former Norman High School educator resigned Wednesday after it was discovered that she was giving students the QR code for banned books. The Oklahoma teacher was asked to keep politics out of the classroom, but she refused and instead left her position. 

When asked if she would repeat her actions knowing the outcome she admitted, “In a heartbeat.” The Oklahoma teacher also posted an online message stating that it is impossible to be apolitical in the teaching profession because “education is inherently political.” This is a growing sentiment among public school teachers who have been subjected to “culturally responsive” training, segregated meetings, and are now even promoted and hired based on their race. 

Parents across the nation have spoken out about divisive teaching materials which use “anti-racist” rhetoric said to teach students to judge each other by their heritage and appearance. In addition, graphic sexual materials have been allowed in school libraries under the guise of “diversity and equity” merely because they follow an LGBTQ protagonist. While these books are banned in many schools, they are easily accessible in bookstores and public libraries. Parents who feel that the content is worthy of their children’s attention can give them access, and some do. But what the Oklahoma teacher did not only undermined their right to decide what is best for their child, but she also challenged a state law. 

Oklahoma HB 1775 prohibits teachers and school administrators from requiring students to learn about sexuality or race-based lessons, like critical race theory. Bills of this nature have been passed at the urging of parents who wish for their children to learn core class elements like math, science, English, and unbiased history lessons. A surge in educators engaging in political activism in their classrooms, or even encouraging children to become political activists has driven these pieces of legislation, but upset some school employees like the Oklahoma teacher.

Colleges have become political pillars of identity-obsessed lessons. Teachers who must enter these institutions in order to earn their certification are subjected to politically biased orientations before they even apply for a teaching position, and have been connected to hindering patriotism. The former Oklahoma teacher seems to truly believe that she cannot properly teach children without discussing politics. 

For generations, teachers were held to higher standards. Politics were not to be discussed in public, and politeness was expected from everyone to show respect for others regardless of their political affiliation or personal beliefs. This has largely been left behind in the modern age. The Oklahoma teacher proudly tweeted about her frustrations at the new law and continues to publicize her decision. This displays an even bigger problem within the public education system. 

Oklahoma teacher

The teacher shortage is growing worse. While teacher pay and benefits have been argued as main causes, lack of respect for teachers has also been noted, as well as the fact that conservative educators feel that they have no place in liberal schools. Now that the Oklahoma teacher has resigned, English students are once again without a teacher at Normal High School. 

For now, the Oklahoma teacher is out of a job. Whether she will be hired at a different district is uncertain, but her acts display the activist mentality that many educators now have. This is the exact reason that laws like Oklahoma HB 1775 have been passed, and why countless parents support these measures.