School Staff Asked To Share Student Gender Transitions With Private Company

By Erika Hanson | Published

gender transition

Gender ideology has woven its way into public education as a growing concern to many parents in America. Families that wish for their children to go to school and be taught core curriculums are now seeing news reports of controversial sex education being imposed on young students. Likewise, gender identity has become a major issue, and more and more parents are speaking out about schools’ contentious practices that may promote hiding gender transitions from the parents. In one recent exposure, a Texas school district may be guilty of encouraging faculty members to share personal gender transition information with an outside private company, instead of with parents. 

News outlets have been reporting an alarming amount of stories about various school districts across the US abetting students in their journey to undergo gender transition and hiding this information from parents. To exemplify this, the Creek Independent School District in Texas is accused of approving a staff training run by the Montrose Center. During the extensive training, educators were asked to directly refer students questioning their gender identity to an outside company, overriding parent disclosure. 

This gender transition story was exclusively reported to Fox News, which obtained the information from America First Legal. The public charity foundation alleges that they received this information from a client, claiming that the Montrose Center-ran training, which took place in the school district during February, called on teachers to send this sort of info directly to them. The Montrose Center is an LGBTQ supportive organization that provides a variety of programs and services to communities.

America First wrote a letter to the school district, accusing the school district of multiple wrongdoings. They made note that the district had openly condoned the act of hiding gender transition information from parents, but called them out for violating the law by not making the training information available for public viewing. The advocacy group requested the training material directly from Montrose, who denied the request, citing the information as “proprietary intellectual property.”

Given that public schools are a government entity, they are required to make this type of training material available for public view, under Texas’ Public Information Act, according to Fox. Additionally, America First states that the school district has failed to make the information publicly available for parents to view. While they are now stating they are against the requests of the Montrose Center gender transition training, many are skeptical considering how they seem to be attempting to keep the information internal and secretive. 

Furthermore, many are questioning why the district approved of this controversial gender transition training in the first place. But money might be the answer to this million-dollar question. One senior adviser with America First alleges that organizations like Montrose make money from presentations like this one. 

gender transition

“They’re coming in, they’re finding a problem that quite frankly doesn’t exist, and then they ultimately provide these teacher trainings, they provide resources to the school, all to put in place this radical gender ideology that the vast majority of parents don’t want being pushed on their children through these teacher trainings and other materials,” advisor Ian Prior added. And even though the district has reaffirmed that they do not condone any staff member keeping gender transition discussions from caregivers, the fact that they approved of the training in the first place is outraging many families. All of this is further reason why America First is demanding that the school make the training material viewable.

Despite district officials’ consistent claims that they are not hiding information from parents, public schools like these ones in Texas are continuously being exposed for controversial findings that oftentimes deal with personal issues like gender transition. It’s reasons like this that more and more states are enacting stricter transparency laws to give parental rights back to families. It also is one of the plethora of reasons why more families are pulling their children out of public schools.