7-Year-Old Punished By School For All Lives Matter Picture

A young elementary student was punished by her school for drawing a black lives matter picture which contained the words "any life."

By Erika Hanson | Published

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black lives matter

The problem with the polarization of schools in America is that neither side is innocent, as politics weasels its way into the classroom. Liberal activists cry out against opponents of critical race theory and pride initiatives in schools as being discriminatory, but at the same time, many of these same opponents have been found to punish anyone opposed to such initiatives, creating a double standard. This seems to be the case at a school where a young elementary student was punished by school officials after she made a picture depicting black lives matter as “any life” matters.

Chelsea Boyle, the mother of the young 7-year-old girl that this happened to, recently spoke to Fox News about what happened inside her daughter’s classroom at Viejo Elementary School in Mission Viejo, California. Last year, her daughter had doodled a picture in class that included the black lives matter slogan. Underneath, the little girl also included the phrase (any life), which apparently was a punishable act as deemed by the teacher. Completely outraged, the mother said that she didn’t even learn about the incident until nearly a year later, adding that the school has failed to respond and apologize to her, as she now is seeking legal counsel. 

According to the mother’s statements with Fox,  she learned about the incident months later from another parent that had heard about what happened. She alleged that a parent complained to the school about the black lives matter picture after another student brought it home with them. In response, the parent told her that her daughter was reprimanded. Allegedly, she was forced to sit out during recess and was also made to give an apology to the class. 

Taken back by what she learned, Boyle immediately spoke with her daughter about what happened because of her black lives matter drawing. Confirming what had happened, her daughter added that her principal told the child she was no longer allowed to draw pictures in school. While any parent would agree that no matter what may or may not have happened, telling a child they can not draw is not an acceptable form of punishment for any child, it was particularly upsetting to Boyle, who says her daughter doodles as an outlet to her struggles with ADHD. 

Boyle asserted that she has reached out to the school multiple times for clarification and an apology, but states that she has received no response. She is now looking into options to bring a lawsuit against the school and administrators’ behavior toward her daughter. Furthering the confusion over these reports, Fox News reached out to the district, which responded that they have been working with Boyle as they investigate the incident involving the black lives matter sign. 

black lives matter

While to many people across the nation, the black lives matter slogan is merely meant to serve as a reminder of continued racism within the US,  to others, and especially young children who might not yet be able to understand these complex matters, it is viewed as a divisive concept. Punishing a child that wants to convey to the world that all life is precious is under all circumstances cruel and unusual.  And if these allegations are true, it only serves to hinder the movement.