See The Scoop On A Trans Conference Teachers Were Encouraged To Attend

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | 1 month ago

trans conference

Trans activism has been entering public school classrooms at an increasing rate. Regardless of many parents’ opposition to teaching sexuality and/or presenting sexual material to young students before they are fully mature, the School District of Philadelphia pushed teachers to attend a trans conference in the name of diversity and inclusion. The contents of this conference is now being questioned as it included explicit subjects that sexualize children and rebrands mature content with child-friendly language.  

The trans conference was held virtually last year and displayed presentations with content of a sexual nature. One specific guest speaker was trans Activist Chase Ross who displayed a series of sex toys — some of which are now called “Pack N’ Plays,” (a popular term for portable children’s play yards/pens). The speaker proudly admitted to using these and talked about touching dicks and finding realistic sex toys shaped like a penis. He went on to describe how anal penetration feels, among other mature experiences. 

Jamie Joy was another presenter at this trans conference. This queer certified sex-educator calls herself a “pretty big slut,” admitting that she is proud to own that label. She also noted, “I identify as kinky and polyamorous.” She openly expressed that in her free time she enjoys organizing orgies and helping people explore their perversions. What this had to do with teaching children important academic information or sexual education facts was unclear, but Joy did spend a great time talking about herself instead of reproductive facts. 

A licensed medical professional, Dr. Scott Mosser, was also featured by the trans conference. He was featured to discuss how he is “super committed to gender surgery,” and that he has a “public secret mission,” to support the future of performing more surgeries on trans children. He admitted to doing a number of breast removal procedures on 14-year-olds, but that he doesn’t believe there should be an age limit for permanently surgically altering children’s bodies. 

As if these topics don’t seem too sexual/confusing for the average minor to be exposed to, female-to-male trans activists, Kofi Opam and Sami Brussels, held a session at the trans conference,  titled, “Bigger Dick Energy.” These “educators” discussed what life is like after having “bottom surgery” and how to resume a casual sex life. Being that children are not legally allowed to consent to any sex, one may wonder how this information specifically helps young students understand their anatomy or what it is designed for.

This trans conference in question is, once again, exposing how trans activists are proud to discuss explicit adult content with children. The presenters included are working to normalize sexual content for children that is clearly not for minors. Teachers are being encouraged to not only absorb this information but also pass it on to their students where children can be groomed to accept their sexualization before they are sexually mature.

There are federal laws that prevent the legal sexual depiction of minors under 16 in media, and laws that protect minors from being exposed to obscene content online, but the legality of teaching children explicitly sexual materials in schools are vague as the need for such laws was not existent until recent years when trans activism started promoting sexuality to children. Most teachers, parents, and students who wish to prevent the sexualization of minors have left the public education system and more are leaving.

The public school system is seeing a mass exodus but is not acknowledging how this content is swaying the decision. Across the nation, many states are passing bills that ban teaching sexual education to young students, to curb the sexualization of children in the name of trans activism and restore faith in public education, but teachers are being convicted of child sex crimes against students at alarming rates. Families who wish for their children to receive a healthy well-rounded education are wary of identity politics in the classroom, especially when schools support adding sexually graphic materials and teachings into lessons, much like what was discovered from this trans conference.