Kanye West Says His New Private School Will Turn Kids Into Geniuses

In an interview discussing the recent opening of Kanye West's private Donda Academy, the rapper vows that the Christian school will produce geniuses from its mysterious educators.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Kanye West is not only well known for his lively musical career, but also for his controversy in the media. Now that Ye has opened up a private Christian Academy, he appears to be dragging his new school into contentious limelight as well. Amid his feud with ex-wife Kim Kardashian in his attempts to split his children’s education between his school and the choice of moms, the rapper is now pledging that his school will turn kids into geniuses.

The 45-year-old made this bold, but not surprising, claim during a recent sit-down interview with ABC anchor Linsey Davis. During the extensive interview, Kanye West discussed his divorce, his future in politics, and the recent opening of his private school, the unaccredited Donda Academy. After getting into a discussion about the private institution, West claimed that his tutors could “actually turn your kids into, like, geniuses.”

The Christian school named after Kanye West’s late mother is located in Simi Valley, California. It officially welcomed its first students this past August. The mystery and controversial reports shrouding the private school are leaving many scratching their head and wondering how exactly Mr. West plans on developing remarkable intellectuals better than other institutions. 

According to reports from Rolling Stone, the school – which is believed to educate about 100 students currently – is being run by a principal with no prior educational training. Possibly more startling, Donda Academy, unlike most prestigious schools, does not boast a list of educators, so little is known about who is running classrooms inside. But what is known, is that the school proudly exhibits its extracurriculars, which include farming and parkour classes.

But still, for what little those involved in the process have expressed, they reassure the public that Kanye West’s academy, said to be his “lifelong vision”, is operating with top-tier professionals. On Donda’s official site, no testimonials or examples of expertise are provided. However, they promise a learning model similar to other successful ones.

According to their site, Kanye West’s school focuses on student-led learning models. This allows students to steer their education depending on classes and subjects in which they are interested. This type of learning method has vastly grown in popularity with parents over the last few years, especially in homeschool settings.

Furthermore, Donda Academy promises families that their children will receive the attention they need. The student-to-teacher ratio sits at just 10:1. Likewise, classrooms never hold more than 12 students at a time.

Kanye West believes his school will turn children into geniuses, as is evident in his battle to bring his three young children to the academy. Currently, the West-Kardashian clan attend private school in Los Angeles. But in now-deleted screenshots of text messages between himself and Kim posted to Instagram, he asserts that he wants his kids to attend Donda two days a week.

Kanye West

With just a little more than a month in operation, it is far too early to tell whether or not Kanye West’s private school will produce intellectual geniuses. But contrary to critics’ beliefs as well, it also is too soon to judge whether or not the school will perform as well as other similar private academies. For now, interested parties will have to sit back and see how much more the self-proclaimed genius himself reveals about the mysterious school.