Teacher Arrested After Offering Students Money To Attack Their Classmate

Substitute teacher Aadrina Smith allegedly paid students $5 each to "jump" a student she retaliated against for snitching on the teacher for leaving school early.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Aadrina Smith was a substitute teacher at the North Caddo Elementary Middle School in Vivian, Louisiana. The 24-year educator has been removed from her position and arrested following an incident where she allegedly paid students to “jump” their classmate. What her motive for putting the children up to this was is unknown, but this is part of an ongoing problem in the school system where teachers assault or encourage physical violence against others. 

On August 5th, the substitute teacher is said to have offered each student involved $5 to attack their classmate. A video of the incident displays Smith speaking with five students before the incident. It seems as if she congratulates three of the children involved just before they tackle the victim. The girl was pinned to the floor and lay helpless as the teacher stood by and did nothing.

The substitute teacher never reported the incident, but the girl went home to tell her mother what happened. The girl’s mother then reported the incident to the district which led to an investigation. It was discovered that Smith was supposedly punishing the child for going to the principal to tell on the educator for leaving early the day before. It had been Aadriana Smith’s birthday and though it is unclear whether this report was true or not, the teacher in question decided to retaliate against the child with violence. 

While claims of bullying have surrounded this incident, paying children to attack each other goes much further than bullying. It is not only contributing to the delinquency of minors but also malfeasance in office. The substitute teacher has been charged with five counts spanning both crimes. 

What this substitute teacher did reflects an ongoing problem in the school system. Teachers have been increasingly encouraging students to commit violent acts and even physically attack children themselves. Just this week, a Project Veritas video revealed that a New York middle school teacher was instructing children to throw bricks at people outside of “black and brown communities.” Ariane Franco was caught on camera boasting about turning her students into activists, much like an Antifa teacher who was caught admitting to recruiting children for far-left intimidation. 

California’s Gabriel Gipe spoke of utilizing scare tactics to make children join Antifa causes and was forced to resign from his position after being exposed. Despite his unprofessional behavior he was still awarded three years’ pay in order to walk away from his job. This lack of proper punishment for teachers who overstep their boundaries has led to instances of substitute teachers and salaried educators physically and even sexually abusing children.

One incident involved a teacher pushing an autistic student to the ground, dragging him to a stairwell, and then throwing him down the stairs. This may be due to the fact that states are desperate to fill vacant teaching positions. While the main focus throughout the teacher shortage has been on salaried core classroom educators, even substitute teachers are in demand and schools are making it easier for them to get hired instead of ensuring that proper protocols remain in place to protect students from predators and violent agitators. 

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Whether the substitute teacher who paid her students to attack a young girl will get jail time is uncertain. It is also unclear if she will have her teaching certification revoked. Regardless, what Aadrina Smith did was not only illegal but led to the assault of a child during school and now, the district is liable and subject to ongoing legal battles regarding their employment of such a woman.